When does a photo be comes an image?

For some this is an easy question with a simple answer. If you use film then is a photo any thing else is not and so must be an image.
but for me thats too Black and white. why should film and the dark room be OK for photos but dig cameras and computer are not. I will talk about my ideas on this in this journal.

So before I go on, Think to your self where do you draw the line between a photo and an image? Or maybe you don’t at all. In which case then the words photo and image have no meaning at all or at least no different meaning.

point one. THE DARK ROOM! ………..Its common to hear people say “If you cant do it in the dark room then its cheating” or some thing to that meaning.

So making a photo more brighter is OK cos you can do it in both the dark room and with a computer.
Cutting some one out of a photo and putting them into a different photos is OK cos you can do it in both the dark room and the computer.
But a hue shift in photoshop is not OK cos you can’t do it the dark room……why the different.
If some smart person worked out a way to do a hue shift in a dark room then all of a sudden hue shifts are now OK. This is holey not very satisfying.
So where would I draw the line between a photo and an image…..well not in the dark room thats for sure.

point two, THE CAMERA………..If you are in the frame of mind that only a film camera can take photos then you have a very hard sell on your hands…cos most of the world would say that dig camera also take “photos” too. So it can’t be in the camera that we draw the line between photo and image.

point three……….COMPUTER EDITING…I think this is the big one. This is were photos are turned in to images that you and I love.
So you are sitting down with a nice cup of beer and a fast computer with photo shop or any other good photo editing program and you start playing with as many filters and colour and layers as you can until your photo is NO longer any thing it looked like in the first place….you started with a photo of a tree and ended up with what looks like a pizza of colour and shapes. Now the question is, can that mess of colour and shapes be still called a photo?……………….

I would like to hear your ideas on this………………..

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