Censorship..and the people censoring

Censorship……Who needs it?!

I was thinking if some things are so dangers that no one can see it and so it should be censored. Then the very people who see it to censor it are putting their minds at great risk.

The people who comb the internet in china and the 14 years boys blacking out `the rude bits` in movies and books in Japan and the Russain goverment banning The simpons and south park….. these people are looking at the MOST dangers things in the world . They might get a new idea or some thing worse might happen. Who knows they might even get an open mind.

this cant happen. The people doing all the censoring needs around the clock cheaking up on by doctors and a very high pay rate.

Just say no to new ideas…mmmmmmmk

ps….Has the world gone crazzy or has it all ways been like this?!

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