pride in blue eyes

An Australia sports man goes to a interneational sportting avent. He has worked hard for many years to be here. He is a sprinter. over the 100m`s. as he gets ready to start the race his heart beats hard. His hands a tremberling. Then he see an Australia flag waving in the air and that makes his eyes fill with water.

sounds like a normal story of pride, but whats wrone with it!…..there is a deep problem with the way he is acting.

If you were to change the word of Australian to blue eyed person. it makes no sence….
why would a blue eyed man care if he has blue eyes when it comes to running. and why would others care if he has the same colour eyes as them or not?

This is my point. the idea of pride in ones own place of birth is a VERY new idea.
just go back in time about 1000 yeas and you will find there was no customs people nor visas like now.

This type of thinking was the main tool in getting the idea of US and THEM to drive us to war. Used by govermants all over the world.

So I say just cos you have blue eyes means about as much as where you were born. FUCK ALL!

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