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Are Animoji the Next Big Thing?

A talking fox. A pig doing stand-up. A singing pile of poo. A robot reciting slam poetry. You’re going to see all these things and more all over your iMessages and social media feeds in the coming months. They’re called “Animoji” and they’re Apple’s frivolous, fun, and downright addictive way to show off the capabilities of the TrueDepth camera in the iPhone X.

If you want to know how they work and what you can do with them, read on. Once you learn a few tricks, they’re a lot more flexible and fun than just sending an iMessage to your friend as a talking pig.

So what are Animoji?

The word Animoji is a portmanteau of “animated” and “emoji,” and that’s exactly what these are. It’s a feature exclusive to the iPhone X that uses the front-facing TrueDepth camera to scan your face and make an emoji follow your facial expressions and mouth position. When you talk, or squint, or shake your head, the Animoji will do the exact same thing. It’s more fun than it sounds!

Apple beats Banshee in the Trademark Wars!

Here at Banshee our own Emoji Exploji campaign was hampered after Apple Trademarked the name of our Flagship Emoji app “Animoji”. Our beautiful app was left in limbo until Apple had legally cleared their Trademark. We subsequently renamed our Charity app to ISPCA Petmoji and our own app to Petmoji Deluxe.

So how can a tiny independent studio compete with a behemoth like Apple? Well keep an eye out as our own Emoji Exploji campaign expands in 2018. We’re rolling out a new Photobomb feature to all our iOS emoji apps starting with Petmoji Deluxe. We’ll also be updating our Irishmoji Magic and Mexmoji Fiesta in time for the festivities, as well as expanding onto Android and Gboard.

We’ve also been experimenting with our own Face Filter code but right now it’s a work in progress so watch this space! We’ll need Beta Testers soon…

So don’t be a

So where do I find Apples Animoji?

Animoji are are found in the iMessage app, built right in to iOS 11 on the iPhone X. Just launch Messages, and then start a new message or open a thread to reply to someone. Look for the little monkey face at the bottom (if you don’t see it, tap the grey App Store icon next to the message line). Tap the monkey to get into Animoji. Once you start up the iMessage app, you’ll notice that the animated character begins tracking your facial expressions and mouth movement. Press the red button to record, or scroll through the list on the left to change characters. Tap the up arrow to make the Animoji app window bigger, so you can more easily see all the available emoji.

Which emojis are available as Animoji?

Well you can be an Alien, Cat, Dog, Chicken, Fox, Monkey, Panda, Pig, Poo, Rabbit, Panda, or a Unicorn. And given the popularity of Animoji, I’m sure updates will follow to add more characters.

How long can an Animoji recording be?

Animoji recordings are limited to just 10 seconds. That’s enough for a quick message to your friend, but not nearly long enough to sing a song, or deliver one of your favorite movie monologues.

- Now who doesn’t want to chat with a talking Poo? -

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