Narc Shield

Welcome to Narc Shield. If you’ve never heard about Cluster B Personality disorders them make sure you’re sitting down before you read on as I guarantee before you finish you’ll recognise a friend, workmate, family member or your partner as one of these.

“Cluster B” is one of four “clusters” of personality disorders recognized in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM-IV and DSM-5) used by psychiatrists and psychologists. Cluster B is the so-called “dramatic” cluster and includes these four personality disorders:

Narcissistic (NPD)

Borderline (BPD)

Antisocial (ASPD)–includes sociopaths and psychopaths

Histrionic (HPD)

Narcissistic abuse survivors (or, as someone said, “veterans”) all have experience being close to partners and/or close family members whose behavior frequently displa

Celtic Whispers Meditation App

Welcome to Celtic Whispers, a Nature infused Meditation and Mythology app set in the Celtic Spiritual Tradition, and a guide for those looking for a more meaningful way to live in harmony with your community and the environment.…

The Ancient Celts and their spiritual mentors the Druids, believed in the communion of all living things and sought harmony between nature and the human soul. For the Celts there was no separation between the world of humanity and that of the spirits and creatures, or between nature and the subtle process of creation.

At the heart of the Celtic Spiritual tradition is the belief in the interconnectedness of all aspects of life. As Climate Change, Pollution and Consumerism threaten all life on planet Earth, we invite you to discover the Living Wisdom of the Ancien

Christmas Memory Match

Looking for something to do while you wait to open the presents, or looking for some amusement as you slip into your annual turkey coma after Christmas Dinner, or do you just want to play with your new iPad. If so Christmas Memory Match is the perfect solution for you and your loved ones this holiday season!

If you need to waste some time until Santa arrives, or you want to give the the new tablet you got for Christmas test drive, this app gives you a chance to challenge your memory in this Christmas themed memory match game.

Help the elves sort through Santa’s mixed up presents to help him get ready for the holiday. Just make sure to let Rudolph play as well! And if you fancy a real challenge why not try out our Ho-Ho-Holy S#%$ Really Tough Santa Quiz! Search Banshee Apps on the App S

'Pizza by da Slice'

Who doesn’t like a nice slice of pizza? Working in Luigi’s Pizzeria
you have the job of slicing up the pizza pies into delicious slices.
So keep the slices coming, and watch the money in the cash register rise.
But slip up and you may lose more than a Pepperoni slice…:)

Make sure to serve up only the most perfect slices, and watch your
tips rise until you can tap that bonus. But be careful, drop a pizza uncut,
and you’ll lose a life, as well as your tips.
And always remember, you don’t make friends with salad :)

~ Download ‘Pizza by da Slice’ today, available in all good App and Pizza Stores!

Spookmoji Deluxe!

Halloween is nearly upon us.Originating in Ireland this Ancient holdiay was called Samhain and marked the Beginning of the Celtic New Year. The supernatural aspect of Samhain stemmed from the belief that at this time of the year the veil between our world and the ‘Otherworld’ was thinnest, and spirits and other creatures from beyond could make the journey into our world. Houses would carve Jack o’lanterns to ward off these spirits as well as leaving offerings to them to keep them satisfied.

To mark this festive occasion, Banshee apps is pleased to present our new and improved Spookmoji Deluxe, a ghostly collection of Halloween themed stickers, animations and emoji, as well as a fun photo editor. These are without doubt the most frightfully good emojis available on the App Store. With ov

Caribbean Carnival

With year round warm temperatures, lovely beaches, and friendly locals in an exotic setting, it’s no wonder why Caribbean vacations are so popular. Whether you’re going in person or you want a taste of Paradise make sure to download Caribbean Carnival today and share a taste of this heavenly destination via text, iMessage, and social media too. You can also add a tropical flair to your holiday pics with our fun photo editor! #CoconutMojito

We’ve jam packed Caribbean Carnival with more than 120 fun and playful Emoji, Animations, Stickers, Photo frames and Holiday Apparel, so whether you are about to jet off to ‘The Islands’, or you just want to invoke warm memories of last years trip to paradise, this is the perfect app to help you text some Sunshine! #LongIslandIceTea

Banshee Apps is

Area 51


Earth is under siege from invaders from the depths of outer space. These alien hordes must be stopped.

Take your station at Space Command in Area 51, humanities final line of defence.

Only your quick reflexes can protect the planet, and protect yourself from the indignity of an alien probing.

Soldier You are our last hope!

Download Area 51 today and get into the Fight!

Ps. if its Green and squishy Blast it!

Available on all App stores!


AlohaMagic: Big Kahuna Edition

Bring the Aloha Spirit of Hawaii to all your Social Media with our new and improved Aloha Magic – Big Kahuna!

So what’s new? The Big Kahuna Edition contains over 150 animations, stickers and emoji, allowing you to bring the warmth and beauty of Hawaii to all your messages, both iMessage and other social media too. #BigKahuna

You can also add a tropical flair to your holiday pics with our fun photo editor and you can timestamp your holiday pics for your time capsule later! :)

So why not download a little piece of Paradise and let Alohamagic – Big Kahuna edition brighten up all your future conversations, as we capture the beauty and splendour of the Paradise that is the Hawaiian Islands.

- Coconut Mojito anyone?

Stump the Trump

Donald Trump is 45th President of the United States of America. But how much do you really know about the President of the U.S.A.? Test your wits against Trump in this fun, satirical quiz game.

• Best Trump app on the market, and we don’t say that Bragadociously!
• Designed for play with small hands!
• Guaranteed to make you laugh bigly or your money back!


Download this app today, before he gets impeached!

Ape World

~ Hail Caeser

Go Bananas for the Best Ape and Monkey Sticker pack available on this planet or any other. With a wide range of fun and playful stickers to liven your chats and messages. From cute pictures, to funny cartoons and quotes, its just what everyone needs on their phone. From Ape City to the Forbidden Zone, Ape World Emojis are causing a storm.

“Great for organising a night of Banana Daiquiris with your mates after a tiring Human hunt”
Satisfied Gorilla Customer, from Ape City

“They’re ape-tastic, me and my girlfriend Zira use them all the time”
Cornelius the Chimp

“I can’t wait to get my dirty paws on them”
Joe the Orangutan.

“Brighten up your life with this fun app. When you live underground as mutant you need a laugh from time to time”
Thar the Mutant, from the Forbidden Zone.

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