Help stop the killing of over 400 local Kangaroos

Over 400 Eastern Grey Kangaroos are to be slaughtered on the Belconnen navel Transmitter Station (BNTS) in the Australian Capital Territory.
What’s going on here?

In 2007, the Australian Department of Defence was ordered to kill 400 kangaroos on the former Belconnen Naval Transmitter Station (BNTS) by the ACT Government and under threat of prosecution by the RSPCA ACT.


The BNTS is a 116 hectare parcel of land located in a prime area of Belconnen. The kangaroos on the site are captive due to the high security fences surrounding the site. The kangaroos have bred over the years to a population of around 500 which the RSPCA and the ACT Government believe is unsustainable on the site.
The ACT Government is now concerned that this parcel of land is one of the last remnants of Native Temperate Grassland within the ACT and have found a plant listed as vulnerable, the “Ginninderra Peppercress” on the site. They are also concerned that the area is a breeding ground for the Golden Sun Moth and have decided that killing 80% of the kangaroos on the site will remove any threats to these species.
The RSPCA ACT (which is heavily funded by the ACT Government) sent a group of “experts” to the site to assess the kangaroos and quickly decided that the kangaroos were starving to death and must be killed to save them dying from starvation. Interestingly, one of the RSPCA “experts” contacted a neighboring wildlife rescue and rehabilitation group, Wildcare, to find out how to tell if a kangaroo was in fact in poor condition as she did not know how to tell.
Another group of “experts” was set up almost overnight, the Limestone Plains Group. This group was made up of scientists and academics funded by the ACT Government and its sole purpose was to push for the killing of the kangaroos on the site.


Despite the concerted effort of the ACT Government funded “experts”, the Department of Defence sought an ethical and humane alternative to outright slaughter and approached Wildcare for an alternative plan of action.
Wildcare delivered a report to Defence, outlining a program of translocation of the kangaroos rather than slaughtering and burying them as demanded by the ACT Government and its funded groups. Wildcare’s report was accepted by Defence as the most ethical option and the proposed solution – a whole of ecosystem approach – was put out to tender.


Despite the Department of Defence’s best effort, all their efforts to find an ethical and humane alternative to the wholesale slaughter of the BNTS kangaroos have come to nothing as the ACT Chief Conservator Maxine Cooper has refused to grant an export permit to move these kangaroos to pre-organised sites outside the ACT and on the eve of the resumption of the so-called official kangaroo culling season, told the successful tenderer, Cumberland Ecology not to pursue any translocation options.

Now, as @ 7 March…

The official kangaroo culling season resumed on the 1st of March and continues until July. Perhaps fearing a public backlash, or too much scrutiny of their motives, the ACT Government has urged the tenderer to commence the cull immediately. By the 7th of March fences have gone up to prevent the kangaroos seeking the safety of the trees. Funnel fencing with shade cloth to trap the kangaroos has gone up. More ominously, a chiller bin has been placed on the site, presumably to dispose of the carcasses of the kangaroos as they are systematically eridicated over the coming days…

If this kind of mass slaughter concerns you. Please visit and sign the petition. My wife and I are going to attend a protest meeting on Saturday 15th March Belconnen Main Gate, Balwin Drive, Canberra at

Please tell your friends and other people who care about native wildlife.

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