Kangaroos betrayed

Belconnen kangaroo cull back on again (see previous entry). Please read below an extract from the Canberra Times Saturday 17th May.
It would appear that the government are hell bent on killing these animals.
The proposed cost of 3.5 million is absolute rubbish and a ploy to garner support for the government from tax payers.

If the killing goes ahead (and it certainly looks that way) it will bring shame on the ACT the Federal governments and the Department of Defence.

We are trying to get the story to the world media. Please do all that you can to inform others of this disgusting situation.

“By David McLennan and Ewa Kretowicz

Protesters are vowing to do whatever they can to protect 400 kangaroos at Belconnen Naval Station, after the Defence Department announced that a contentious cull was back on again. A year after it was first raised on environmental grounds, Defence spokesman Brigadier Andrew Nikolic said yesterday the on-again off-again cull was back under way and would be completed within three weeks. RSPCA ACT executive director Michael Linke described the process that led to yesterday’s announcement as an absolute nightmare for everyone involved. Brigadier Nikolic said the Government had decided a proposed translocation study, whereby most of the about 600 kangaroos would be moved to NSW, was not cost-effective at $3.5million. There were also concerns about the

impact of the onset of winter on food stocks, and difficulty finding sites to release the animals. ‘’Defence therefore has no option but to undertake a cull at Belconnen Naval Transmitting Station,’’ Brigadier Nikolic said. The culling process has

begun, with fences erected on the site to herd the animals together and an ACT park ranger’s vehicle carrying hessian sacks and a sharps bucket entering the 200ha Lawson property yesterday afternoon. Five large freezer boxes, which will be

used to store the carcasses, have arrived on site. Contractors Cumberland Ecology will kill about 400 of the kangaroos, beginning as early as today. The site’s suburban location means the animals cannot be shot with bullets. Instead, they will be shot with tranquilliser darts then killed by a lethal injection of sodium pentobarbitone, known as Lethabarb, administered by a vet. Brigadier Nikolic said Cumberland Ecology was required in its contract to comply with the national code of practice for the humane destruction of kangaroos. However, protesters at the site, including Animal Liberation ACT spokesman Bernard Brennan, are vowing they would do ‘’whatever it takes’’ to stop the cull."

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