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Thank you "Current Issues for featuring my image and words, “After the War” I am pleased that this image and words are recognized. Thank you for the support and confidence.


I am looking for another artist to collobrate with me on a project. The title of the collaboration image is “Jacob’s Ladder” The image created will partner my poem also titled, “Jacob’s Ladder” and has to be interpretive of the written words. Anybody up for this? Bubblemail me.

Paul 11/17/08


Thank you “Bits and Pieces” for featuring my poem, “Jacob’s Ladder”. I was driving home from work, tired and a bit depressed when I looked up and noticed a cloudy sky with billowy dark clouds. Behind the clouds was the sun breaking thru in parts, displaying rays of sunshine towards earth,, and the idea of Jacob’s ladder came to me. I don’t know much about the biblical tale of Jacob’s ladder except in a general sense, so this was a bit unusual, but I immadiately thought of writing a poem and did as soon as I arrived at home. I then looked up the story of jacob’s ladder and was really taken by its meaning and how it related so closely with what was in my mind after contemplating the clouds and efforts of the sun to breakthrough.



Thank you “Current I Issues” for featuring my image; “Change Is Coming” I am hopeful of change, but concerned and hopeful that the change we get is what we actually need in this worls today.


Jackie was my hero. She was the type of woman who always exhuded high spiritual energy. I loved being in her presence; she was quiet like a mouse, but her aura spread so wide and when we hugged, I always took in a deep breath because it seemed to soothe and give me comfort. Her smile was a simple one. but true to the core, no pretense-none whats-so-ever. I miss her each day, and when I hear her name spoken, I am rushed back to those days when I lived in her sphere. Jackie, my precious sister is dead many years now, but I can still smell her invigorating scent; hear her sweet voice talking to me, and feel her presence everywhere I am. My hero now is my son. He is special.


Thank you “End Times” for featuring my image, “Hungry and Alone in Paradise.” It a photograph I was compelled to take. I felt his sadness and watched his as he smoothed the sand with his open palm and wondered what was in his mind. Where was he in terms of his mental self, What a cruel world. This could be any of us at any time.


A big thank you to “All things Poetic, Artistic, Philosophical” for featuring my poetic words, “Miss Ya!” I am indeed appreciative!

I tried calling you tonight — several times
You were not there, and
I was disappointed and sad.

I was low and needed to hear your voice
I wanted to talk about yesterday and
today and tomorrow
I wanted to tell you that I am in love with you.

I wanted to see you tonite,
to hold you
to hear you say that everything is okay,

But, you weren’t there!


Thanks you to :Bits & Pieces" for featuring my words, “Weep Not For Me” I am humbled.

“Weep Not For me.”

Don’t weep for me
I’ve lived my life
Regrets were many
But they were mine

I followed the road, I thought was right
And played the cards dealt to me

Don’t remember me
I am gone — not to return again
In this lifetime

I lived my live
I made a mess of it
But, it was my life
And my regrets

Smile once more
Live once more
For now you are free
Without me there






Thank you “African American Experience” for featuring two of my images. “NIVV” and “CORBINE” I am very appreciative.


I am pleased to know that the :End Times" group has featured three of my images: “Change Is Coming”; “Road to Valhala” and “Beyond the Red gate.” Check them out peeps.


I am estatic to know that “The Voyage Of The Surrealists” has featured three of my images: “Change Is Coming”, “Beyond The Red Gate” and “Blood tulip In The Stone” I am glad. Thank you.


Thank you “Abstract Digital Art and Writing” for featuring my image; “Beyond The Red Gate.” I am honered.


Thanks you “Digital Compilation” for featuring three of my images: “The Awakening”, “Steelface”, and “Red Phonebooth”. I am greatly appreciative.



Thank you “Bits and Pieces” for featuring three of my works: Image: “The Awakening” and poems: “Quilt” and “As We Stand”. I am so very thankful for the support.


Thank you Digital Compilation for featuring my image " Beyond the Red Gate" I am honoured.

“Beyond the Red Gate lies the city of Valhala, a place where brave young men go to die, and the putrid smell of decaying flesh and dried bones permeate the air.”


Well, I finally have joined those of us who have made it to the home page. I am ofcourse humbled and appreciative of the compliments expressed by all of my fellow bubblers in regard to my work, “CHANGE IS COMING” I was prompted to do this piece because of my distrust of politicians in general. They usually start of with noble ideas, but how soon it is that they change to what politicians do well, Lie to the public. “Tell them anything: offer them everything: give them nothing.” I don’t expect the election of the first black american president to be any different, because they are all cut from the same cloth. Politicians are very ambitious persons; to put if simply, like crabs in a barrel trying desperately to get out as they climb over each other. But that’s my opinion, and I am sure many…


I am normally a quiet accomodation person, but I received an email, and I know some others did as well. The tone of the email from someone purporting to be a group leader here on redbubble was grating to the senses. This person seems to be putting themselves up as lord and master, and dictating instructions to members as if we are children. This is suppose to be a group of artist dedicated to help each other improve their art. many of these group leaders have unfortunately become biased and complacement in many ways, while benifiting from the group member’s participation as the while. I am from this day forward deleting membership in all groups. And I will just post my stuff and whoever chooses to view it are welcome. I di not need the membership in any group for validation, not do I need…


I am pleased to have my image, “PLANETARY PREDATOR” featured in “Digital Abstract and Patterns.” And my image, “One Yellow Rose” featured in “Bits and Pieces.” Thank you good people.


Just a note to thank all my fellow bubblers for the wonderful comments they have left me over the last months or so. Your comments and support inspire me to do more, and to work harder to create the best ART.



Thank you “LINES” group for featuring both my image, “RED BLACK AND GRAY” and my written work, “Straight Lines” I am very appreciative.


Thank you “Abstract Digital Art and Writing” for featuring my poem, titled “Banners” along with my image with the same name. I am humbled.


Just a note to thanks all of you fine people who have been visiting my images, over and over. Your support is greatly appreciated, you should know.



I would like to see BedBubble offer large size prints, particularly when its on canvas. I check out one of my prints on “” at a size of 40" X 16", my cost of a museum wrapped print on canvas was $104.00. Compared with a 24" X 14" with a 20" markup here for the same $104.00. ????????

My invention - "THUMBTACKY"

Thumbtacky is a device I invented to effortlessly remove thumbtacks from a bulletin board or similar surface. It acts like a small prybar with a slot which receives the tack and a lit which covers the tack and holds it in place so that it can be retrieved from the device safety and efficiently.


Phorographs developed by an artist should never be just another shapshot. It should be worked over just like a boxer works over his opponents, and when you are done it should have your artistic fingerprints all over it.

- Paul

Over Twenty Thousand Views

Well fellower Bubblers:

With your support I have surpased 20,000 view in my wall art alone. I have over 28,000 combined for my wall art, clothing, writing and journal entries. I could get here without your support. A big thank you and a few hugs to everyone.



California Sound has featured my image titled, “Disney Music Hall in Los Angeles.” I am thrilled to have this honor. Thanks people.

Charlie's Dream

My short story, “Charlie’s Dream” is scheduled to be published in this issue of "SEMAPHORE MAGAZINE " It’s a story that I am very proud of as it speaks to the true emotions of love.


Well fellow bubblers. I have reached another milestone with over 20,000 view

15000 view of my “Wall ART”
575 views of my “Tshirt ART”
3264 views of my “Writings”
1900 views of my Journal entries.

In addition, I have garnered 1000 comments on my work, and favoritized 375 times.

I am honored to have received this much attention from my fellow redbubblers. I look forward to the next 20,000 or so.

Thanks from deep in my heart, people.


Adstract Art Group

I am honored to see my image “DOWNTOWN AGAIN” as the icon for the abstract group. Don’t know how long it’s been up, but I only recently noticed.



I have just completed a collaboration with my fellow bubbler, Rose Moxon. (See Blood Red – Rose & Paul Alleyne – posted is Rose Gallery.) It was a joy as I have long enjoyed her work. My suggestion is that other artists here on redbubble get together and collaborate wirth each other. Afterall, we are a community of artists, and it is all positive and exciting.



I have been thinking for sometime now about reducing the amount of images in my gallery. My problem is that I don’t know which images I should keep and which ones I should remove. (lol). But, I plan to start. I will probably leave the ones with the most comments and hits, then go from there. I currently have approx. 250 images posted. I want to get to about 150. Sadly this will reduce much of my hits and comments, but I guess I would have to bite the bullet. What do you think fellow bubblers?

10,000 hits in "My Art" alone.

Just to let my fellow bubblers know that I have now hit the 10,000 mark in the My Art category alone. I am indeed grateful for all the support I have gotten in the short time I have been a Bubbler. Thanks you Friends.



I have come to a conclusion that when taking photographs, the most important thing I try to remember is that the composition is the most important aspect of it. Lighting and tonal values are secondary and can be adjusted during the processing phase. But composition, other than a good crop is not adjustable.

What do you think??

New Bubble Feature

I like this new feature where you can respond to fellow bubblers when they comment on your work. It really is a very good thing. What do you folks think?



I have been thinking about this for awhile, and have come to some conclusions. I don’t “like” a particular style of art, except for painting on black velvet, (lol), but I have not only some artist, but architects as well who’s work and ideas I enjoy.


1. Picasso
1. Gaugan
2. Matisse
3. Leonardo Da Vinci
4.Van Gogh
5. Chaghall

1. Mies Van De Roe
2. Gaudi
3 Frank Lloyd Wright
4.Le Corbusier
5.Philip Johnson

There are other, but these stand out because they were and still are leaders who have moved thru their careers over many areas of art.

I welcome to have this as a point of discussion to all fellow bubblers. It should be interesting.


Some artist believe that using computer software to create art, is either dishonest, or not genuine. I did once, but have since come to believe that we should use any technology available to bring our vision to fuition. The logic here is that you still must be creative. The art springs from an idea, and to be a successful piece, it must start with an original thought. The computer and its software is the medium you are using, no different than a pen, pencil, brush, paint or ink.


Because many of you seemed to enjoy my earlier Journal entry, “Who Is Artist”, I am inspired to add to it., but with a bit of a twist. More in explaining my own approach to my work.…

I will probably never become wealthy from my work, because I don’t particular approach it with an intention of achieving commercial success; except in a very marginal way. I write what “comes to me”; sometimes at the most unopportune times, while asleep, taking a bath, or out walking etc. So the very first draft I write, or the very first image I create is compiled in my mind, and it is usually just a germ of an idea,; like essence, I smell it, taste it, and then manufacture it. It’s never complete, but I hold it there til I am ready, and sometimes I forget and lose it, never to be rediscovered. The actual phy

10,000 hits and counting!

Well fellow bubblers, I have now joined the 10,000 club of hits. A combination of views of my “Art, Writings and Journal entries.” I am humbled that so many people would look at my stuff, so many times in the short period I have been a bubbler. lol I personally think my work is just okay. But, then I am my worst critic.

Thanks for all the positive comments from all of you.



When working in B&W, tonal quality is so important; from the darkest of black thru the whitest of whites. I recall in design class, one of my most ingriguing projects was to get a newspaper, the New York Times, and cut strips to create a tonal scale. I enjoyed that project, even though at times I was frustrated as I tried to find gray shades within the spectrum of grays from those pages of the “Times.”


Some of the elements I try to pay attention when do B&W photos are tonal quality, framing, light and shadow, and one element which grabs the sudience’s attention and holds it.…

Generally my art is intuitive. I simply work the canvas with no outcome in mind. I have some general idea of what I want, but never do I really know, or have a vision of what it would or should look like when I am done.

My poems are similar. I may think of a word of phrase which prompts me to write. I then listen to what I hear in my mind, and let the elements of the poem flow out. Most of my poems are short and pointed which I think shows strong emotions and convictions, there are never based on formula.

One of the singular things i remember from design school a very long time ago, was that in any design, you alway


I enjoy visuals where several elements come together to create an image which takes your attention and holds your interest beyond the superficial. I like writing which includes hidden layers and meaning forcing you to think, inspiring you beyond the ordinary. Simplicity is not ordinary; simplicity is extradorinary when it grabs your by the throat and shoves your face in it.

Paul Alleyne 01/07/08


My goals this year are simple. They are to complerte the three books I am now writing, among other things. One of the books will be a compilation of all my images.



New year
New search to begin
New decision to make about my life’s direction
If I should fall again as I did last year
Then I should get up and start anew
Because there there is no time to procrastinate
There is nothing to wait for
Just GO
Go forward and see what awits me around the bend in the river of life.

Paul 01/01/2008

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