I am not “in love” with my Art; I am “in Love” with the ideas which inspire me to be creative.


To Everyone who has commented on my work. Thank you for taking the time to view my work and to consider it as worthy. I try to give voice to my art. To let it speak for itself. Hopefull, I am accomplishing this as I improve my abilities.



Let me tell you a story about me eating Tofu for the very first time.
I was living in NYC, the big rotten apple. The apple has been rotten for so long, it has turned full circle. . . It’s now a butterfly. . .…

Now I don’t care what anybody says about the big apple, that’s my favorite city, The best pizza, the best Chinese food and the first place I ever ate tofu that taste like pork chops. . . I used to love that tofu. My girlfriend at the time was a health nut. She took me to this vegetarian restaurant and I let her order for me because it was my first time. Just like sex. The first time is always an adventure. She ordered pork chops and something else, I can’t remember the something else, it was a long time ago. . . and I’m too old to remember anyway. It was probably peas and mash potat


An artist is one who creates
One who inspires a society to improve itself
To educate itself
To fulfill its dreams
To progress and to correct pass errors

An artist is someone who leads by his/her efforts
Introduces art which provokes debate;
which provides answers to difficult questions
In a way, an artist is a combination of a doctor who heals,
a scientist who discovers,
a an inventor who finds new ways of doing things

An artist does not reflect societies’ ills
He/she seeks to cure those ills thru his work
He/she seeks to point the way to a better world
He/she seeks to encourage us all to our best efforts
To find our place
To know our true worth

Paul Alleyne 12/20/07


Has anyone heard of “ARTMESH?” The address is I received an invite to join this group, but considering all the scams out in the world today, I’m always skeptical.

Page Hits

Today I have about 3100 hits to my page. This is great, unfortunately it has not translated into sales, but no worry – I am just glad to have my public. :P)

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