Some of the elements I try to pay attention when do B&W photos are tonal quality, framing, light and shadow, and one element which grabs the sudience’s attention and holds it.

Generally my art is intuitive. I simply work the canvas with no outcome in mind. I have some general idea of what I want, but never do I really know, or have a vision of what it would or should look like when I am done.

My poems are similar. I may think of a word of phrase which prompts me to write. I then listen to what I hear in my mind, and let the elements of the poem flow out. Most of my poems are short and pointed which I think shows strong emotions and convictions, there are never based on formula.

One of the singular things i remember from design school a very long time ago, was that in any design, you always add an element which grabs attention. There should always be a twist, just like a story.

Paul Alleyne 01/11/08

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