Tugs To My Heart

I have just published my new book, Tugs to My Heart. It is a compilation of all my poetry listed here on the RB, and Its available on Amazon. The following is a description.

“Tugs to my Heart is a compilation of essays which together represent the author’s points of view. The essays speak to love and relationships, self doubt, direction, and frailties; they inform about how we as a world community interact and communicate with each other across cultures. Issues are addressed, including fairness and equal treatment of those among us who are less fortunate, and who are powerless to influence change within their societies, including governmental institutions; they suffer great injustices daily without much hope and without the means to lift themselves out of conditions that was not created by them, but by those who hold sway because of overwhelming influence in all areas of our society.”


As always your feedback is very important to me.


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  • Solomon Walker