Merry Christmas and thank you......

So yes, I know, I’ve been non existent for months now on RB…. As many of you know, my father in law got killed in June…. In Oct., my precious friend and co host of Live,Love,Dream passed away unexpectedly and what alot of you do not know is only 4 days after that I had another unexpected death in my immediate family… My passion for my photography and art is not here …. And I also have my sick mother in law now since June as well…. Alot of truly wonderful things have happened for my family this year also but things have truly been different to say the least… I wanted to come here and to say thank you to all of whom have bought my work this year, all that have sent emails and postal mail…. And for all of the prayers and thoughts…. It has meant so much to myself as well as my family… Thank you to my co hosts of all the groups as well…. You are all so precious…. Merry Christmas to you each and everyone and may the new year bring more blessings than you have ever known….. One day I hope to come back… Time will tell ….
Forever in my heart are you all,

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