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I would like to once again take the time to thank each and everyone that is a member of the group Live, Love, Dream….. This bunch of people is truly amazing !!!!!!!!! IF YOU HAVE NOT Visited and checked out the awesome work in this group, YOU NEED TO !!!!!!!!!!!!!! I find it so hard to even feature at the end of the day anymore as there is just so much talent I cant seem to decide on what to pick….. :)
Finding my way to RedBubble back in July of last year has truly been an awesome experience! I did not really get active until around December, but WOW! Its been such a blessing to meet so many of you and to watch as you continue to grow from day to day!!! Coming from a site online that what not so um, how do I put this, lol, OPEN AND LOVING, its truly been a breath of fresh air ! ! ! People so willing to befriend and help one another….. To work together in their journeys to make it in this field we all so love…. ITS JUST AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!! I am just really thankful that I have had the opportunity to get to know so many of you, and I know that this is just the beginning for each of us!!!!!
As we all continue and move forward, may we always remember that LIFE is precious, that its not about the jealousy, its not about who can out do whom, its about the friendships made along the way…. the smiles shared……. the dreams that are coming true…………
Blessings to each of you!!!!!!! I am just thankful for you all……… Please check out this awesome group if you have not…. YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED! I give you my word!
With this said this morning, Hugs and love to each of you and may all your dreams come true!!!!!!!!!

Bonita :)

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