Contest Ends Live, Love, Dream Winners Announced !!!!

Announcing The Winner Of Contest #2 Live, Love, Dream

Theme : Love

Thanks for such an overwhelming response to each of you !!! With 106 total entries, this has been alot of fun !!!! I would like to thank each of you for your participation and voting. The vote count was up at just a little over 200, so we are doing a terrific job !!!!! The winner will be posted shortly as our new Group avatar and will remain there for the entire month of June!!! This was a tightly led contest with 1-6th really battling it out !!! :)

Before I announce your winner and 2nd and 3rd place entries, I would also like to say that I am still working on our next contest, but will try to have it posted by the end of this weekend….. The next Contest will be the big one! The winner will receive a $20 RB voucher as well as a copy of " In The Moment " . Thanks so much to RB for donating these awesome prizes !!! Be sure to keep a watch out for the beginning of the contest within the next week at the latest !!!!!

Ok, here are your winners! Be sure to congratulate them! They are terrific entries as well as were they all !!!!!!!!!!!! Awesome entries indeed!

Hugs to each of you , congrats, and have a wonderful weekend !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Bonita :)

Your Winner is :

  1. For Love And Life by : Beth Lambert

2nd Place Goes To:

  1. The Adoration by: Jacqueline Baker

And 3rd Place we had a 3-way tie….. 3rd place goes to:

  1. Faith by: TeriLee

And also in 3rd place:

  1. 23 Not Alone By: Anaa

And last but not least in 3rd place:

  1. Love By: DebPhotos

Thanks again for entering!!!! Congrats to each of you !!!!!!!!!!! I look forward to the next contest!
Bonita :)

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