Bamagirl38 Does " Bonita's Featured Person Of The Week "

Hello everyone and thanks for stopping by ! So much awesome talent on RB that its almost impossible to get to everyone !!!! I would like to take this time to introduce you all to
Roger Sampson ! His writing is so beautiful and his photography so awesome, with artistic talent that is just superb!!!!!

Roger says:

Just a guy who loves to write; poetry, lyrics, short stories and random thoughts. I do enjoy reading works by other people as there are times a connection is made between two minds, the written word being the medium. It’s an awesome feeling when an emotion is evoked, a point is understood, or an appreciation is felt through something I have read by another or something I have written read by another.
I take a picture or two from time to time as well.

You may check Roger out here ……….

Roger Sampson

A few samples of his work include:

Let’s Sail Away

Author: Roger Sampson
Word Count: 138

Let’s sail away
come with me
we’ll ride the bough
trusting the sea
in dreams we’ll stay
to chart the way
let come what may
Let’s sail away
Just take my hand
walk with me
across love’s land
in step we’ll be
on shores of sand
on mountains grand
we both will stand
Just take my hand
Let’s go and fly
soar with me
we’ll touch the stars
hearts will be free
winging on high
beyond the sky
breathless the sigh
Let’s go and fly
Just close your eyes
rest with me
throughout the night
dream peacefully
then realize
as stars will rise
there waits the prize
Just close your eyes
Let’s sail away
you and me
we’ll sing our song
in harmony
we’ll have each day
to laugh and play
as one we’ll say
Let’s sail away

Thanks to everyone for checking him out ! Have a wonderful week and hugs to you all !
Bonita :)

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