Live, Love, Dream Contest 2 Will Be Ending at 7PM Tonight

Important Notice:

The themed “Love Contest” now running in the group Live, Love, Dream will be ending tonight at 7 pm Central Standard Time. To this point, we have 99 entries! Remember, if anyone else is going to enter, YOU HAVE TO TAG YOUR ENTRY lld2 and get it posted no later than 7 pm. We will be posting the entries in our group forum shortly after the entering time has passed tonight. Each of you can vote for up to “3” times, but not more. That is your limit………….. IM SORRY, but due to an overwhelming response, we MUST LIMIT YOU TO 3 votes each. I think that is very sufficient :) We will begin accepting your votes immediately after the contest is posted in the group forum. Please bubblemail all votes to either me or Solareclips. Voting will continue until Friday, May 30 at 12:00 Noon Central Standard Time at which at that time I WILL POST YOUR WINNER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good luck to each of the participants and wow, what an awesome turnout with contest #2 !!!!!

Also, just wanted to throw in there that soon we will be updating you on the new contest that we are working on that RB has so graciously donated the $20 Prize voucher and Copy of In The Moment for! We are still working out the details!
Well, thats it for now!
Everyone have a wonderful day and hugs to each of you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Bonita :)

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