Bamagirl38 Does " Bonita's Featured Person Of The Week "

Bonita’s “Featured Person Of The Week”

Mark Peterson

Mark Peterson……………………

Let me introduce you all to Mark Peterson! I found him out here today and wow ………. he has some awesome talent ! I sincerely hope that each of you will go and check him out ! I can assure you that you WILL NOT be disappointed…..

Mark says:

“Im a self taught artist with a passion for animals. About ten years ago I discovered digital and have been hooked on it every since. I believe art is an extension of ourselves that should have no limitations, no boundaries, and the willingness to experiment and express in various unrestricted ways. Im Also a big fan of abstract and I value the experience that art allows me to constantly see with a new pair of glasses. My most valuable tool is my imagination. With no art schooling under my belt I stand with the belief that success is all in what you make it. We are all unique with no two perceptions being the same, yet all driven with a similar passion. Art is an experience of individuality that can’t be expressed in words, yet our visions can be shared with the world. My journey through art is one that leads me to great self discovery, and an education of a life time. My altered reality becomes the truth I seek, and the embodiment of my soul. With art I will always be free.”

Be sure and stop by and tell him I sent ya ! Im sure he will appreciate you all more than you could know ! Its up to each of us to help one another and get us all out there ! Thanks again ! Hugs to each of you and have a wonderful day!!!!!


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