Over 20,000 Views !!!!!!!!!! :)

Thanks everyone ! You all rock ! Its such a pleasure to be here with you all…. I have definetly found my new home out here… This is by far the best site I have dealt with ! Without all the hassles and drama!! Its wonderful how People are helping people and we are just all moving forward with our passions! I wouldnt trade any of you or RB !!! YOU ALL ROCK !!!!!!!!!!!!! I am going to go through my art this week, of which is really too much out here, and I will finally be removing alot of my work………… If there is anything you would like for me to leave, you can send me a bubblemail and let me know……. I have so much posted I dont even know whats in there! LOL Time for a clean up and a change………….. Well, just wanted to thank each of you for all of your awesome support!!!!!!!!!! What an awesome bunch of people!
Hugs and may you each and everyone have a truly beautiful day !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Bonita :)

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