Update: Totally free clothing for anyone residing in the USA that could benefit from them. Must click my referal link below and follow my instructions word for word in order to receive the totally FREE zero balance ! Hope this can help those that need it !!!!

Ok, here are the step by step instructions. If you do not follow them exactly it will NOT WORK.
Remember, do not miss any steps or you will NOT receive the 0 total in the end . Guaranteed! THIS ONLY WORKS EXACTLY AS I EXPLAIN FOR TOTALLY FREE !!!


First, you must click this link and register to join. As soon as you register they will email you a code for 25 percent off.  Write it down you’re gonna need it later on.

2nd …. now once you’ve written your code down go back to the site. Make sure you are logged in still because if not it will notttttt work right.

3rd …. you’ll see the word collection at the top middle. Click it. Once it pops up at the bottom of the little pop up you’ll see the word new collection. Click that. Ok, now on your left at the middle towards the top you’ll see in a red box where it says create a new collection.  Click it and create a new collection. Name it and click save.

Ok once you’ve done this correctly you have the hard part finished.

Next, shop. Pick out anything you want and let your total be anywhere in between $30 and $35 dollars. Do Nottttttttt go over $35.  FOR THIS CREDIT TO WORK IT MUST BE USED CLOTHES NEW DO NOT QUALIFY.

Ok, once you’ve done that, and you are sure you’ve followed directions perfectly click check out. In your cart you should see where they’ve given you a $30 credit. You should have a balance of maybe $3 or $4 dollars.

Now take the code they emailed you and place it in the box that asks if you have any codes.
This should have made your balance go to 0 ifffffff you did every step correctly!

Ifffffff your balance is 0, then they will not charge you it is 0. Add your shipping info and card info and or paypal and place order.
That’s all ! This does work and is not a scam !!!! Ifffffff your balance does not say 0 after following these steps you did it wrong.
Hope this helps those that truly need it. It has worked for several of you already today and I’m just happy I could spread the news and help others that need it !!!


All sales of my work will be donated to a charity of my chosing…….
Thank you……………..

TODAY IS THE DAY YOU MUST LIVE LIFE TO THE FULLIEST! We are not guarenteed another day…….. Live, Love, Dream…….. CHERISH THOSE THAT MEAN THE WORLD TO YOU and NEVER EVER EVER Take one single second for granted ! BE BLESSED!!!

I am now back full time to Redbubble and it feel’s awesome ! I have missed so many of you and so much of your beautiful work ! I plan on catching up soon as time permits ! Photography and digital art and design is a passion that I absolutely can not live without and I am just so amazed by the awesome beauty that we are graced with daily ! It is my sincere hope and desire that I can capture it as I see it so that I can share it with the world ! May you always see the beauty in life !

Bonita Moore
BMoore Photography & Design / Bamagirl38

My work can be changed around somewhat if needed for what you are looking for. Feel free to email me anytime with any questions or requests.

*You can reach me by email at


All work is my work exclusively © 2009 BMoore Photography & Design.
These materials, images, and or poems/writtings may not be edited, copied, reproduced, printed, or used in any way without my prior permission. None of these creative materials belong to the public domain!

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