Happy Birthday Jessica Tremp

To celebrate the lovely Jessica Tremp’s birthday, we had a relaxed but way awesome BBQ with friends…. who all happened to be bubblers.

Highlights of the day…

  1. Jessica’s kick arse salad (vegetarians do it better)
  2. Laying in the sun drinking red wine
  3. Bellmusker and Julie drinking white wine (the traitors!) and discussing maternal instincts
  4. Jo taking Jessica for a piggy back and stacking it while attempting a really cool ducking move
  5. Lisa and Mark German refereeing Twister and not letting us cheat
  6. John Robb being the Twister spinner and making us hold still in really stupid positions so he could take photos
  7. Kristy starting bubble wars with people
  8. Steph being so cool and not shy at all
  9. When the cat rocked up and Wen followed it all over the park taking photos
  10. The best lemon tart in the whole entire world and universe – Chris is a genius lemon tart chooser
  11. Matt playing guitar to us when the laptop batteries died
  12. Talking creative stuff with Paul and Kelly
  13. Dancing around Jessica’s lounge room to Mariah Carey Christmas songs… ok, so only Jo enjoyed that bit

Thanks everyone who came. It was a great day.

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