Back Alley Atelier – Cold Blooded Nights

Back Alley Atelier – Cold Blooded Nights

It was a colder spring night in Melbourne as we gathered at Borsch, Vodka and Tears to eat, drink wine and vodka cocktails, and discuss what needed to be done.

We’ve got the props, we’ve got the gear, we’ve got the locations and a guest model Haily Swanson (who may not know what she’s in for).

The first location was a skinny and long alleyway in Windsor (Melbourne) clad with walls of corrugated iron. Shots taken here were Shark Attack by Jessica Tremp, Tactile and Our Jezebel by Chris W, both provided with technical and lighting assistance by our favourite cat, Wen (Dajiro Kato), and Shoot The Model by Michman and Hien Nguyen. The props that got a workout here were Sharkie and the ‘hellmet’ constructed by Chris W. The first mild splashes of the Jo’s sweet fake blood were applied discretely.

Back at the host studio flat, we crammed in to have a few more drinks, both caffeine and alcohol based, and set up the next shots. After Haily’s encounter with Sharkie, we decided it was time to do something relaxing, such as putting red cat eye contacts in her eyes, silver fang Grillz on her teeth, getting her in a bikini and feeding her a pretty pink cup cake. A little dribble of Jo’s edible blood added something extra as we swarmed around like lens-eyed bees and snapped away. The result was the pin up parody Blood Sugar Bunny by Chris W. Michman also took the shot En Guarde with Jessica dangerously pointing a random sword.

After the indoor interlude we decided it was time to head out in to the cold night again for a pedestrian bridge over Dandenong Rd and the park on the other side. Michael had the “Hellmet” next with Chris taking shot Hunting Light. This is where things got messy. Jo drew out the fake blood and the rope and decided it was time to put Haily through her paces by tying her up and splattering her with copious quantities of sanguine lovelieness. The resulting images, photographed by Hien Nguyen under Jo’s artistic direction were Cinematic Homicide (also featuring the knife wielding Michman) and Found. We all hovered around the scene of the crime shooting like the Melbourne Underworld

There are still some more images to come from the Cold Blooded Nights shoot and future shoots, you can look out for them by adding Back Alley Atelier and each of it’s members to your watchlist. Work is uploaded in the portfolio of the member that developed or directed the concept and favourited to Back Alley Atelier. You can view all work produced by us in the favourites section of the portfolio.

Are there side effects?
We’re all experiencing sleeplessness, emotional highs and lows, possible mild alcoholism, creative expansion, an excess of ideas and a f**k of a lot of fun.

We think outside the square and squeeze it all back in to the bubble.

Love etc,

Back Alley Atelier

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