I need help

I am going to start taking wedding photography as a means of extra income on the weekends starting in February. I have a Nikon D70 with lenses ranging 28-300mm. I have two memory cards (1 & 2gb). I am going to buy two Nikon SB-800 speedlights in January and begin practice with those then. I have never worked with people to take pictures as I’ve only taken Landscape thus far. If you have any, I mean any, information you know I can use please don’t hesitate to write it down here. If all goes well, I am thinking of doing this full time later down the road. I know I won’t have weekends, but I can stay home with the family (when I get married) during the rest of the week. I am looking for any help: poses, accessories for camera, business contracts, how to talk to the family, how to prepare for the wedding, etc., anything. I appreciate any comment that is helpful. Thanks.


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  • Rosina  Lamberti