James Gibbs

MASON, United States

I like to be called Jimmy.I like interesting ladies.I play the guitar and I am old school.I live in West Virginia but have spent most of...


Recent people who joined redbubble

I think redbubble, is a place to meet people. It’s not about making money, but a place where people give you ideas, that can better help you, in taking, and enjoying your work. Be it pictures, painting, or drawings. I can not believe the help I got, from a nice lady in Australia. And also with my tags, that I didn’t have a clue on, from the redbubble site. I just can’t stress enough, how people have helped me enjoy the site. Money isn’t everything! Thank you redbubble! Be good!

Sorry I haven't been in touch

Going back to another school, and doing a lot of volunteering for the church. Any where or any time I can help someone, I can’t refuse. Will try to stay in touch more often, when I can. Miss all my redbubble family lots & lots! Take care! God Bless Jim

My Redbubble Family

You are the best friends I have! I’m sorry I haven’t been around lately. Spending to much time with my grand children. I don’t mean to let you down! Take care of all of you! Be safe! Jimmy

Life's funny's

Like the time a bat got in the bingo hall at the American Legion in Middleport, Oh. 120 people fled the hall, except my dad. Dad just sit there swinging at the bat, with his hat. He killed the bat ,and the firemen gave him $20. Or like the time we ran over the post commanders jeep with a 8" howitzer piece. That was one very angry General. After 8 hours of standing in formation , we convinced him it was a 548 ammo carrier. We used to comb our hair straight back with lard, so we would pass morning inspection, but when we had a basketball game one night, we had no idea the 7th corp commander would be there, he was one very angry general, when he saw how long our hair was. Our C.O. had to go before the man, for that little stunt. I got away with so much stuff when I was young, I should h…


It took me a long time to save enough money, to get me another camera. All I had in the past, was a Minolta with wide angle lens and tripod. It finally broke and I was away from redbubble for a good bit of time. I have saved up enough money now, and bought a Nikon COOLPIX S6000. I hope I didn’t loose any of my friends from 2008. I hope this doesn’t happen to any one else. I really truly believe I have developed a special bond with the folks of redbubble. May god watch over them, and protect them and their families in every way. God bless you all! Jimmy

In 1972 where was you?

If you served in the Army in 1972,then you survived the dope,dap,and draft,like I did too.You have grown wiser now that you have gotten so old,but you will never forget that life was so bold.It strikes me now how freedom was achieved,with soldiers in the billets,with needles up their sleeves.The hash was so bad,that you couldn’t breath,but when you left,you was never free.I met so many people good and bad.that when I think back,it was so sad.It’s over now and life goes on,but you will never forget,what went on.

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