New plans and BIG ideas.......................

I am going to open a furn. painting store. I am going to paint bed frames, Chairs, Desks,
Doors, any thing thats wood and its furn. I will be painting on them. I will be doing them by order ONLY… I have been told to do it so that you have to pay half of it when you order it and the other half when its finished and they come to get it. I am thinking about doing it that way. I have already started. I painted a moon and cloud with some stars on a childs wooden chair the price for it was 15 bucks!! It took me 3 weeks so complete!!!!! I figured that it was fair… I just have to get completely legal and going. I will keep you all updated..
I didnt get pictures of it though I forgot all about it :(….. Have a great day all!!!


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