John Hare

Thornton-Cleveleys, United Kingdom

John enjoys capturing images mainly around his home in the North West of England with a leaning towards land and seascapes. John also...

Facebook Group

There is a group now on Facebook called In Focus that Steve Smith and I run that is designed as a meeting place for members of POD’s to share ideas and generally visit to support each other. New ideas are shared as well as general social discussions on photography related subjects.

The group has over 100 members in the 3 weeks it has been running for and is designed for artists of various levels who have the common goal of offering their work on POD’s.

It is a closed group to allow for good management of membership and to ensure that the threads remain on track and of a positive nature.

If you want to join then feel free to bubble mail either Steve or me.

Look forward to seeing you there and reading your contributions.

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