I'm Completely New To Redbubble...

… But I love it already!

When you look for an art community, there are so many choices out there. I was looking for a balance between a serious place where the majority of users are genuinely in to their art and the art of others. But at the same time, I didn’t want an elitist space where people would slate me for my work being less than amazing. I think Redbubble treads this line really nicely. It’s not full of rubbish, but at the same time I haven’t found much snobbery.

So let me introduce myself. I’m Carly from the UK. I wasn’t born a great artist or photographer, but I love both mediums. I enjoy being outside with my sketchbook or my SLRs and trying to capture the moment. At the moment I’m enjoying all things Autumn as the seasons turn, and I’m looking forward to being inspired by Halloween and Bonfire night.

Keep on art-ing everyone, and thanks for reading.

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