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The Purge :)

Just combed thru my work and got rid of the lice! Nothing like facing yourself, past and present, wow. Trimmed back and trying to grow some more :)


A dog’s tongue
takes it all
cleans up
and eats up
whatever doesn’t belong
within reach
whatever is tasty
within reach
some grass
for mistakes
and then on
to the next butt
or bowl
A licking wisdom
to program
into our hearts…
so our hearts don’t just
sit in our chest


Pinch myself until it hurts
Pinch myself awake
And if pinching doesn’t work
A vice
To hold my heart together
And if a vice doesn’t work
Borrow claws
To clutch this days
And when claws fail
I will let you
Pin me down
on one end of a plank
line up the other
with your body
Make a fulcrum
And fling me back into my dreams.

Won't Invest in Bitterness

I commit myself
to my life
to the lines I have
in all the roles
I love, and
am relied on for,
and to the craft
of me…
I am sure
that for the lead role
With You
there is an understudy
than adequate,
and quick
to her mark,
though she
has my


The sun is up
in my soul
for you.
Its heat swells
behind clouds and mountains
and peeks through
in God rays.
It punishes
my winter
and is
with night.

Easy, Warm and Deep

A thirst for peace
between lovers
a place to fall
with no traps or pikes
foreheads together
and eyes closed,
you’re safe with me,
I am here for you,
we have each other.
Stamp our opinions
on each other’s minds,
without threat of war
without drifting too far
And when drifting
able to sound a horn
for one another,
easy, warm and deep.

Little waves

easy as little waves
so sweet to love
a ladle
bringing out all good things
leaving the day feeling
like lust without agony
gentle and kind
like his soul was made of spare grandparents
warm and quiet
low placid waves

Whale Bone

I once heard
That Native Alaskans
Sometimes rolled a ball of fat
out to a polar bear
Which the bear would eat whole
There was a piece of whale rib bone
wound inside the fatty wrap
And as the fat melted in the bears belly
the rib would unfold and
rip the bear open inside.
I don’t know if this isn’t just
an ugly fairytale,
and it really doesn’t matter to me…
the agony is so vivid
it will stay with me forever.

—update: I got to live in Alaska from Aug 2013 to Aug 2014 and found out that Native Alaskans did indeed hunt polar bear this way. The fat ball was powerful bait, with a strong scent out on open ice.

None of them...

Not my husband,
Who is vanishing rapidly…
Merging into my past at the speed of light,
No longer sacred or hated.
Not any one of four men
Four, and fine, I swear,
Offering meals and contact information
In my weakest week.
Not the bloom of my heart,
Pale orange petals and wings
on a stem of silver
Growing where I can’t reach.


It came from space
drawn from the sparks and shards
of million-mile-high
ancient bodies
streaking shamelessly,
but there are
fingers wagging,
and smirks,
even from me,
bless my soul,
but it keeps coming anyway,
through infinite cold and silence,
barely visible now,
shield your eyes,
so ridiculous
it could only rage apart upon entry.
Love like this
killed the dinosaurs.

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