One off die cutting, can anyone help?

Hi everyone,

At university at the moment i am putting together a folio of my work. As part of my theme, and my interests, i am making it feel and look a little bit like a design magazine or book.

So to go with this theme, i want to make the cover look really nice and unique, and i have decided i’d like to get some letter forms die cut out of it. Here’s my problem… this is a one off job, so i am not sure where i can cost effectively have something like this done. The shape i want to die cut is not very complex, but its complex enough to render hand die cutting useless. The cover is a 330gsm card stock, so its not too thick.

If anybody could give me some pointers, i’ll be very greatful :).


Ps. I live in melbourne, so a solution within melbourne would be preferable!

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