Skull Comp Finalist!

Hey guys,

Rise and Fall gallery held the International Skull Drawing Competition exhibition last wednesday (30th April). I went over for a quick look after work to see all the lovely skulls, and to see if my entry was being exhibited. Much to my surprise, it was on display, but not only that, i was a short listed finalist!!

I spoke to the guy who was setting up, and he told me they had over 200 entries, with around 70 coming from international artists. I think he said there were 25 short listed finalists, but i could be wrong. I was so happy and surprised to see my skull had been shortlisted, as there were some really damn fine skulls that didn’t make the cut.

Unfortunately i couldn’t hang around to witness the “skull crowning” as i had to get home. I can only assume i didn’t take the grand prize, as i haven’t been contacted by them, haha. I emailed rise and fall to ask who did actually win, but as yet haven’t heard back from them.

Was a really cool exhibition overall, check out the photo below of my entry, and the little orange post it stuck to the bottom left corner which means i was short listed :P.

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