Money is Love?

Its back 2 business, back on my grind yeah

Cyber Haters hacking but I’m like Shaq in his prime years

Still chasin Ms. Dollar, call her she cause the lust factor

Material things I dont need but feel like I must have her

If you dont handle her with care someone’ll grab her from ya

Snatch her right from under your mustash & stash her

They say it’s hard to live with her harder to live without her

It’s funny that to clean up need a money shower

Oh the power of the M.O.N.E.Y.

They say can make you feel like a man of many wives

Swoop mad chicks but you dont know if it’s you or the ride

If you look closely there’s dollar signs in her eyes

You wanna flash & floss her bag her toss her

Trick her flip her but who is the pimp here

I wonder if… it could be the government?

& if she wasn’t playin hard to get would I be so love with it?

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