Look at it, it’s fucken ugly,
Why did he even bring it in the room?
Doesn’t he remember the rules?
Anything that is infected is not allowed any where near us,
Under any circumstances!

Except maybe science,
Where they’re highly useful and easy to manipulate.

Holy shit, I don’t believe it.
It’s bad enough that he’s brought it in our room,
Now he’s bringing it to us,
What’s he want from this,
To commit suicide?
We have to leave.

I get the girls up and start walking fast to the exit,
Leaving him and it in the room,


Leaving a now once friend and it in the room.

He knew the rules,
He broke them,
So that’s his problem not mine.

My only problem is,
Where the hell is my boyfriend?
I’v got gymnastics and I’v got to take him home first,
I can’t be late,
At least not too late.
I’m always a little late
So I can make my entrance,
And then all the girls get to see the real beauty,
Do her stuff.

Come on, come on,
Don’t walk,
Run for Christ’s sake,
You’re on the track team and you walk slower than the retard kids,
Ill dump you if you don’t hurry up.

Stuff the seat belt,
It mucks up my top,
No one can see how hot it is if no one can see it,
Jesus I thought he’d know that by now,
He’s only my boyfriend for Christ’s sake.
Flaming fire ball stops traffic Wednesday February 18 2006

Pile up on the southern outlet yesterday afternoon after a single car accident involving a female student from Saint Patrick collage. Her car slammed into the guard rail, completely destroying the car and the guard rail before bursting into flames. Traffic was diverted up Mingle Street but was backed up for several hours, causing delays of almost 2 hours. The girl involved was airlifted to the Hobart hospital in a critical condition with 3rd degree burns to 80% of her body and several broken bones. The male passenger of the car, another student from Saint Patrick’s, was sent to the LGH with burses and a broken leg, he is now in a stable condition.
The police would like to point out that the female driver of the vehicle was not wearing her seat belt at the time of the crash, which could have prevented her from becoming wedged in the windscreen and unable to escape the flames. While the male passenger was wearing his seat belt allowing him to stay in his seat during the crash and then escape the flames. So from the police, please wear your seat belt, it could save your life.

By Bec Place

I am trapped,
Trapped inside,
Inside my body,
A body of darkness,
Darkness all over,
Over every pulsing muscle,
Muscles pulsing with evil,
Evil so evil that when you gaze upon me,
You eyes rot away with repulsion,
You mind devoured by your thoughts,
Eating away at you,
Like a dog ripping into a dead human caucus.
Ripping into your mind,
As the flame ripped into mine.

2/3/06 The patient exhibits signs of self hate with her appearance and refuses visitors, including her boyfriend.

5/3/06 Patient had emotional outbreak yesterday as boyfriend tried to visit.
The patient was hiding under the covers and when the nurse came near with the boyfriend she lashed out at the nurse to get him out and attempted to throw a book at him but in the process tore a skin graft on her left arm pit. Surgry will be required to correct the damaged tissue which I fear may make her recovery process harder.

10/3/06 I had recommended antidepressants and they are apparently working, as she has allowed the boyfriend to see her. After their encounter she has became more confident but still very aware of her looks.

5/3/06 I have come back from my holidays to find that the patient physically is healing fast and it’s apparent that after several surgeries she has become more self confident and I am happy to release her to the care of her parents.

They don’t listen to what I say,
I know they hear me,
It’s not that they are ignoring me,
It’s just they don’t care what I say,
Not anymore,
Sometimes I say something and they act like they didn’t hear me,
But then they repeat what I said and everyone listens,
I don’t like that,
I don’t,
It’s what I use to do,
They can’t do that to me,
I’m the most popular girl in school,
Aren’t I?
I use to be,
Are they only hanging out with me,
To make them look good?
So they can get out of class to help me,
Like I did with that retard kid.
I didn’t like maths,
And it was an all girls’ class,
It was harder to cheat without drawling geeks around,
So I offered to help the new retard kid.
James or John or something,
I got out of maths and still got a grade,
Hanging out with him was better than work,
And it made me look like I was a,
Considerate person,
Yeah considerate,
I think that’s the word Miss Marston used.
Are they doing the same to me,
Because I’m no longer beautiful?
I thought they were my friends,
I guess they were just acting.

I have no friends.

My body may be deformed,
My toes more then 10,
My hands less than 2,
My fingers only 3,
But I warn you all,
Don’t judge me.
I may look ugly,
I may cause you to vomit,
But on the inside,
I am more beautiful than any of you who judge me.

Jessie Richards
It is my utmost regret to inform you that Jessie Richards, daughter of Jane and Paul, died last Friday evening at the Launceston general hospital after a long struggle with an infection. The funeral will take place at 2 o’clock at the privet residence of the Richards estate.



Launceston, Australia

  • Artist

Artist's Description

this is a montage of the end of a young girls life and how herself and what happens to her is seen by herself and those around her



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