Waiting for Eddie (monologue)

Eddie is better at sport than me. Or at least at footy, I’m better at athletics, so I suppose I’m better, because he only runs and kicks a ball round a field, my sport is harder, I do more. I won’t argue with eddy, although he always thinks he’s the best at sport. Only really started thinking it last year, when he got picked for the state side. It was only one game, but he loved it. He didn’t get the ball, but that wasn’t the point. I didn’t tell him the only reason he got on was because half the normal side went of a footy camp, so they just pick Eddie to make up the numbers. I won’t tell him, I’ll use it if he’s really pissing me off, or in an argument when I’m losing. That’s a bit, what was it the teacher called it. Unethical, that’s it, it probably is but then we can argue about that. Eddie loves to argue, we love to argue, but don’t tell him I said so, he thinks I hate arguing and if he knew I didn’t then he wouldn’t argue anymore, he would no longer think he had the upper hand.
I wonder where he is. He was meant to be here at seven and it’s now eight. He’s always late, well so am I, but he’s always later, but I’ am late more often than him I guess. Don’t let him know I said that, he would rub it in my face, he loves doing that, especially in front of people. I don’t like that, but I do it to him to and if I knew something like that ,I definitely would, so I guess were even. You can so tell we are brothers.
Where is he, I have left massages on his phone all week and every night he’s has been late. Well he hasn’t actually come any of the other nights, but that’s ok he will tonight, he always comes when I need him, he will be here soon, you’ll see. Its Tuesday, his turn to cook, pasta he always made, was the best you could find anywhere. I haven’t had pasta in a while now, Eddie hasn’t been here to cook it, but he will be tonight.
No you don’t have to make my dinner, you have done it all week and you have to stop, Eddie is making pasta tonight, he will be here, he is coming back. He has to come, he’s girlfriend will kill him if he doesn’t go see her. She has been crying a lot lately, I can hear her sometimes through the wall. The other day we had an argument in the courtyard, don’t really know why, but every time I started to talk about Eddie and me going on a holiday at the end of the this year she would start to cry and scream at me. She even hit me, I thought she was a nice girl, but ever since Eddie went to work the other morning she has just been crying non-stop. I haven’t seen him since then either so I haven’t been able to ask him what happened.
Mums meant to be coming visit me tomorrow I think, she wants to take me to town, to get a black suit. Don’t know what for though, there isn’t a wedding in the family, not that I know of, or any special occasions either. I asked her the other day if Eddie is getting a suit to and she burst out in to tears, I mean what is with everyone. What did Eddie do that was so bad, every time I ask someone they just tell me that I should already know, know what, if I know I wouldn’t have asked and they make really bad jokes about it, the kind that people say with a serous face, like to fool you into thinking its real.
Eddie loved making realistic jokes, pranking people. He was making jokes when I last saw him, before he went to work the other day. He was joking about the night before because we had went out and got absolutely smashed, like we do every weekend after footy, except he had to work the next day. He was joking around pretending he was still pissed when he got up for work. He even made it look realistic by puking on the side of his car, he was so committed to his jokes, that’s for sure. He stumbled to his car and all, I watched from my bedroom window. I was still awake from the night before, it was funny as. He took out the post box on his way out, that was the absolute topper, and anyone else watching would have thought he was off his face, but he wasn’t, he’s not that dumb. Ill have to ask him how he did the fake spu, it looked so real. He should be he soon so I’ll ask him then, its only eleven, he’ll be here soon, he will.
I think I’ll go out side and play with the other guys tomorrow, wont sleep in like I have all week and when Eddie comes he can join in, I bet I’ll get dirty though. Theses white things would get dirty so quickly, I know because I mooned the girls across the courtyard last night, when I was waiting for Eddie and I got marks on it from the bars on the window. He is so going to bag me when he sees me. If he does I’ll bag him about the footy team, that’ll shut him up.
I’m not going to sleep, just going to rest for a sec, Eddie will be here soon so I can’t go to sleep.
I miss Eddie.

Waiting for Eddie (monologue)


Launceston, Australia

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Artist's Description

A short monologue of the mind of a young man waiting for his brother Eddie. although everything in his mind does not reflect that of reality.

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