Why are we (STILL) here?...

The other day I came across a favorite webcomic of mine, and noticed an entry on the home page by the comic’s creator, who provided a very moving appeal for humankind to extend it’s reach to the stars. I agree strongly with his sentiments and the arguments he provides, and I have this also to add:Many people say “Why should we bother with space when there are so many problems here?” But I say this to them, that it is human nature to look up for guidance and answers. More than that, space is a vast unknown, space is the future, and the more we press into the future the better we can solve the problems of our past and the crimes of our present. Hydroponic farms larger than nations could feed the entire world for generations. Zero-gee research can develop materials in ways impossible on Earth; who’s to say new medicines or treatments coiuldn’t arise from such new materials? Studies of space radiation and protecting astronauts has already given rise to hundreds of new technologies here on Earth. And nearly every science fiction writer seems to agree that first contact with a sentient alien race, either malevolent or benign, will lead to unity amongst all nations of the Earth.Simply put, space is hope. The stars are the path away from our spherical blue boundary of ignorance and despair. The “world” is merely defined by what we know and can see; as such, the entire visible universe is now our home. Why not go back? Why not return and explore ever-further our vast and glorious new world? Together…

And here is a link to the aforementioned post, by Ryan Sohmer of It’s The Least I Could Do and Looking for Group:

Scroll down until you see Musings of Space

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