I, Alexander -—— --, declare myself a dual citizen. While I maintain my citizenship of origin, I am unsatisfied and unsettled by the current administration of government. My point of dissatisfaction lies in my nation’s insufficient interest or desire to unite the peoples and nations of the entire world. It is my firm belief that the proper world order, for the security and comfort of all humans, is dependent upon the solidarity and unity of all human governments into a central, worldwide governing body. Thus, I declare myself a citizen within the newly formed Human Nation, a nation without boundaries or borders, either geographical, political, racial, religious, or cultural. As a citizen of the said nation, I pledge to remove from my inner self all such boundaries between myself and other human beings. I will fight to uphold the new constitution, and to amend it where necessary in the defense of mankind. I pledge to urge my government leaders without relent to bring about policies and amendments that will further the cause of the Human Nation. I will publically praise any change brought forth to this end, and I will publically disgrace any change made against the Human Nation. I swear to follow and abide all laws set forth in my nation of origin, until such time as the Human Nation is whole and complete. I also swear to give my life, if necessary, to defend and uphold my fellow human beings, over and above all else, including the laws set forth by my current government.

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