'Adventures in Comics' Exhibition

Good news this week! My submission to the ‘Adventures in Comics II’ exhibition at the Marine Studio gallery has been accepted and will be appearing in the exhibition, running from Feb 3rd.

The challenge (still open to entries, fellow bubblites) is to create a 2-page graphic story around this year’s theme: Lifeboat. My own personal entry brings together my three great loves – dinosaurs, comics and science fiction. As soon as the show’s over I’ll be making the pages available for all to see, but until then, you can see a little snapshot of my own story, plus some amazing sneak-previews from other artists right here:


At this point you may be thinking “whuh? I don’t see any comics stuff in her portfolio at all! What’s up with that?”. And well you may ask: truth is I initially wanted to use RB to show just my scientific illustrations, but I’m now collating some comics pages to go into their own dedicated RB collection But I need to compile them all properly first, so if you’d like to stay tuned, you’ll be seeing some proper palaeo-comic action to go alongside the serious scientific stuff in the next couple of weeks.

Until then, keep on rockin’!

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