Pain Stash

What do I do with all the pain,
they expect me stash away
Not my fault and I can’t change it
still hurts deep in my heart
im a lover and thats just my job
my heart feels deep
i am emotional
makes me a great friend
love is my secrect weapon
no more hate
no more hurt
just think positive
its the only way to live
life is full of crazy
fight it or feed it
my choice
your choice eachday
my pain stash is full
my heart is heavy
Lord take this burden
that has caused me a physical huntchback it’s so heavy
making changes,pressing on
time keeps moving
got to stay happy,its the only way to be
thank you for my hubby and our family
keeps me sane
and grateful
soon i hope all this pain fades away
or i just learn to let it be

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