I have survive another day, a day, 24 hours. What does that mean? I heard a program on NPR, its called “This I Believe.” He talked about being present, showing up for your own life. Stop being absent, look at the world around you, what is it going to take?

26 months and 19 days ago I lost my daughter, so each day I am forced to not only acknowledge her absence in my life, but I am force to acknowledge my life, here I am, what is it that will make me smile today? What will happen and how will I respond? I am forced to look at my presence here on earth and find a reason to stay. I must find people to help, I must read, I must write, I must photograph everything I find beauty, and acknowledge it as well. I believe in purpose, I believe in faith, I believe in all that it takes to wake up every morning and show up, on time, for my own life. Goodnight.

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