I ran into Faith the other day

So the other day I “thought,” I’m still not sure, I found a lump.

but listen.

I started crying which sounds pretty normal,
but once you lose a child,
your never normal.
So Im crying, in the car,
it just hit me,
and I keep crying.
I realize why I’m crying;
we all have a purpose,
we’re here for a reason,
and I haven’t fulfilled my purpose.


when you stand over your childs grave
time and time again,
there is no longer a fear of death,
you even feel yourself waiting for it,
but I found my purpose.
I know what Im supposed to do,
at least today I do,
and if it changes,
well God will let me know.
But I was hurt,
I knew what I was supposed to do,
and I felt that being taken away from me,
and it hurt.

We all want to see our loved ones in Heaven,
its just a matter of fulfilling our purpose.

I don’t know what will come of this,
it could be nothing,
it could be something,
who knows.
But until then,
I’ll keep writing,
keep working,
and keep a camera in front of my face
God tells me
its time to go home.

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