Wildlife and Pet Painting Challenges

We have launched our first challenges and invite our wonderful members to take a look and enter their best works.

We also invite all our friends to join, even if you do not paint.

If you love wildlife and pets and would like to write about the subjects, we are very happy to have you join our group and submit your writing and chat to us in the forums.

Every little helps in our passion to make the world more aware of the need to support and help other creatures.

As the group is for realistic hand painted art, unfortunately photography and digital art will not be accepted.

Our group only started a few days ago and there are stunning works of art to be seen.

We would like to keep bmails to a mimimum and encourage our members to use the forums instead. We all love what we do so much and it would be wonderful to get to know one another and share that love in the forums.

The challenges are:
Pet Paintings
Wildlife Paintings – Endangered Species

Thank you

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  • Avril Brand
  • Avril Brand