Missing you all!

Dear Friends

I apologize for my long absence… I have been so very busy over the last few weeks planning and arranging my winter art courses as well as working out the art courses for next year and it has taken all my time and energy. And I am not even all finished yet.

Did not even have the time to do a teeny bit of painting myself and I am suffering from severe painting and redbubble withdrawal symptoms… :-)

Tomorrow I am off to Labasheeda for the day and an art demo and Sunday I hope to finish printing up all the information.

Hopefully, life will return to ‘normal’ (haha! what’s normal?) by next week for a few days and then the art courses begin.

Byron, Arie, Sal and everyone who wrote bmails… I am so sorry if you were worried. Love you all for caring! I tried to discipline myself and just work, work, work.

Gosh, I did not realise it was such a long time ago that I was last here… feels like yesterday! I even had two features in the time I went AWOL!!! Thanks so much for featuring my portrait of Ellen and my darling cheetahs (Survivors)!!!

I will be back soon and frankly, I cannot wait to see what has been happening to everyone – will take forever to catch up!!

Love you all and missing you!!!


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