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I love to write, to create, to live a life of wonder and curiosity.

And I love to inspire a more reflective life in others. I hope to do this through my writing, through my art, and through how I live my life.

I once read that a key to happiness is remembering what you loved to do when you were a kid and continuing it as an adult.What was that thing that you could and would spend hours doing, losing all track of time?

For me, that thing was creating stories through art and words, and sharing them with others. I spent many solitary, wonderful hours illustrating and crafting stories, guided by curiosity that allowed me to dwell in a world of imagination. Many of those solitary moments were outside under a great, cascading willow tree. From underneath its canopy, I would ponder the clouds, gaze at the birds and feel everything seen and unseen. Now that I’ve grown up to be a much bigger kid, I still find myself returning to those things, coming up with stories and illustrations, and always coming back to those birds. It is in those times that I find the greatest of happiness.

I work in a variety of media and allow my imagination to decide the artistic choices, which I’m sure will change and mature over time as I continue to play and explore. As I’ve grown a bit older, I’ve discovered that the best part of creating is sharing. It is my hope to inspire within others a sense of wonder and an ability to feel the seen and unseen, as well.

May your time among my art inspire you to be brave, to create, to wonder and to follow your curiosity. MakeYOUR art. Make the art that only you can give to the world, and never sit in judgment of whether or not it is good enough. It is good enough because it came from a place deep within you—your sweet, sweet heart. So make your art, and find adventure within your mistakes, as you explore what all is buried within you.There are nuggets, I assure you—remarkable nuggets that will surprise you.

Shine your light!

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