Frozen Aisle Magazine Interview: Bradley B. of The Auto Defiance

Auto Defiance’s unique sound of indie rock blended with electronica elements is envision by songwriter Bradley Boyer. The bands five-song self released EP “Damina’s Dream” will be released in May 30th, presenting a blend of dark-pop music with a shot of edge.

Hey, so how did the band begin their career? What inspired the sound?

I had a previous band with drummer/ engineer, Kurt Bartlett. We had been best friends for years, playing shows & writing together in our wild & crazy Army days at 101st Airborne, Ft. Campbell. Playing music was our escape from the mundane life of guns and helicopters. During this time, grunge (music) was everywhere, which was cool, but I became more captivated by the obscure sounds of Jeff Buckley, Brit pop, like Travis, and Radioheads’ first 2 albums. I also became addicted to The Smiths, who really began to grow on me. My life was then changed forever! By the time we hit Nashville, we had built a massive home studio, and within a few years, we had several dozen solid Demos that started to grab peoples’ attention. Kurt, frustrated by the music scene, and games played by the music industry, moved on to the corporate world. I then went through a deep inspirational writing period. During this time, I began meeting musicians, producers, and set my eyes on making my first album.

“The Auto Defiance” music and vision really began to take shape in early 2007. Once I found the best producer for this style, I hit the studio with 4 new songs and a couple talented friends I had been jamming with, who were eager to help create this new sound. With my spare time, kept building the band to point we began playing some live shows, incorporated Cello & synth into the songs, and here we are today!

Who do you compare yourself to in the music industry? What genre of music do you consider your work to be?

I would have to say, as a bandleader, I can really relate to Billy Corgan; a bold visionary who is quite particular about his signature sound. Equal parts vocalist, songwriter, guitarist, and producer, I understand the insane amount of work that goes into wearing many hats. Lyrically, and with live performance, I would say Bono has left a huge impression. The early days of U2 had such drive and raw power. I kind of miss the raw post punk sound of that era, so we are here to bring it back. Our sound also blurs the lines of shoe gaze. Kevin Shields of My Bloody Valentine used stunning experimental guitar sounds, and the art of finding ones own unique sound definitely strikes a common chord with how I work. Do you know rumor has it that after years working on a record, he trashed the entire thing because he wasn’t happy with it? Isn’t that mad?

What was the motivation behind you naming your EP "Damiana’s Dream”? and what can we expect from the album?

A good friend of mine is into natural healing, alternative medicine and herbs. She’s always has a great cure for some little ailment you might have. One day she shows up with this “Damiana” Herb, which is said to be a strong aphrodisiac, and can produce a dream-like state. These dreams are supposed to clarify matters of love and lust. Since our songs are primarily based on such themes, I envisioned an angelic female beauty, (Damiana) who has knowledge of the future, and can relay the truth in life, love, and the encompassing beauty and mystery that surrounds us.

This album is deeply rooted in raw honesty, and emotion. Part true life experiences of guy-meets-girl adventures, and part epic stories such as hot desert road trips or a sinking ship on the high seas, each song raises questions that are a part of all of us. Damiana’s Dream is a 5-song melodrama, which blends indie pop, alt. rock with haunting Cello and dreamy soundscapes.

Could you describe the music-making process and workflow for a song?

It all begins with an acoustic guitar riff, followed by a vocal melody. Once the structure and basic song is formed I will pass it along to the band for them to create their own parts to build on the arrangement. Recently, on some songs, I will compose electronic drums around the key points in the songs to establish energy and a signature vibe, and then the drummer can take that and run with it. The strings and ambience comes last- the “icing on the cake” I call it. Lyrics evolve through this timeframe, because I will often re-write to convey the clearest image of the story. It’s fun for all of us, especially Giovanni (producer), who is really involved with capturing the magic and mood of each song.

What instruments, keyboards, and guitars the band is currently using?

We are primarily your standard rock line up. I prefer Taylor acoustic guitars. I’ll pick up my Gretch Duo-Jet on the heavier stuff. Sean plays custom, hot-rodded Gibson guitars. (He builds ‘em at Gibson World HQ!) The additional sounds are created by a combination of samples, live synth or a Cellist, which provide the dreamy atmosphere over the heavy rhythms.

What is your favorite and least favorite thing about the music industry?

What an exciting time for independent artists! Old rules no longer apply. With digital music technology, streaming “radio” online, and social media everywhere, it’s now easier than ever to release new music, and for fans to interact with us. We artists have essentially become the label, and are taking back creative control of our own music, and our destiny. The downside of today’s industry, sadly, is the growing amount of illegal file sharing with the mindset that music is free. This compounded with degraded quality of the Mp3 file, and lack of a tangible record with fun artwork that you can touch and feel is a loss. A small price to pay for some, I suppose, when you can now put your 10,000+ song library on your phone and take it anywhere.

How can fans-to-be gain access to your music?

Like many artists, we have graduated from myspace, and have moved to more professional music portals such as We are also launching our own personal band page this month in which fans can DL a free single and get a copy of the EP. In the meantime, you will find us online at:

Where do you see your work going? What are your plans for future projects? What are you most excited about right now?

Worldwide, baby! We going to college radio (US, UK, Asia), with a big focus on the offers we’ve received for T.V. and Film placements. For the fall, we have a music video for “Ghost Inside Your House” and will have film footage flickering behind the live shows. We will be releasing a electro remixes of a few songs, pressing vinyl, and co-writing with an A-list female vocalist /composer on new material. I’m most excited about Our EP release party at the end of the month bigger shows outside of Nashville, including “art-rock” shows performed in film theatres.

What advice do you have for people who want to form their own bands?

Have at least one good songwriter in the group. True magic happens when all members share the same unique vision of the music. Live band chemistry is not formed overnight. Don’t settle for lazy, boozers or users, even if they’re your friends, they will only hold you back. Become a true, dedicated leader and effectively communicate your goals and direction to the group. Always be on time and professional. Thomas Edison once said, “Genius is 1% inspiration, 99% perspiration.” I’m no genius, but I’ve shed much blood, sweat and tears to achieve my goals.


Frozen Aisle Magazine Interview: Bradley B. of The Auto Defiance


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Auto Defiance’s unique sound of indie rock blended with electronica elements is envision by songwriter Bradley Boyer. The bands five-song self released EP “Damina’s Dream” will be released in May 30th, presenting a blend of dark-pop music with a shot of edge.

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