Taking time for me

It’s Saturday 29th of September for us in the Northern hemisphere..I plan to take all of next week,off ..3 weeks ago, I took a fall and broke a rib I have been trying to rest and keep up with the groups Im involved in, but this rib is not healing as fast as I would like..Then once that is healed Im facing surgery on my right rotator cuff.(this will be fun as Im right handed…I need this time for me.As all that can be done for the break is keep on the pain pills so I can breathe okay.So basically Im tired all the time and my hubby said I need to take a small break..Once the surgery is done which will now be about a month from now..I will be taking the back seat and hopefully other hosts will carry my work load.I maybe able to get my hubby to help out as well, in the groups where it is just me, which is really only two groups. I plan to be back around Oct 8th and my shoulder surgery will be around first week of Nov..

As I wont be online during the time off, I will not be able to respond to any comments individually


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