Taking time for me

It’s Saturday 29th of September for us in the Northern hemisphere..I plan to take all of next week,off ..3 weeks ago, I took a fall and broke a rib I have been trying to rest and keep up with the groups Im involved in, but this rib is not healing as fast as I would like..Then once that is healed Im facing surgery on my right rotator cuff.(this will be fun as Im right handed…I need this time for me.As all that can be done for the break is keep on the pain pills so I can breathe okay.So basically Im tired all the time and my hubby said I need to take a small break..Once the surgery is done which will now be about a month from now..I will be taking the back seat and hopefully other hosts will carry my work load.I maybe able to get my hubby to help out as well, in the groups where it is just …

Last news on CHappy

This will be my last posting regarding my husband Chappys health issues..He is recuperating very well. but still has a tough road ahead as he now is re-training his bladder to work..This can take anywhere from 2 days to 6 weeks after removal of the catheter, which was removed last Tuesday.

We want to thank each and everyone of you who has replied to previous postings.. we have really appreciated all the good wishes and prayers..The support from the Redbubble community has been overwhelming..We wish each and everyone of you a lifetime of happiness and good health.

Many thanks
Di and Chappy

Latest News on Chappy

His surgery on 6-28-12 went okay even though it took an hour longer than was planned.It seemed he had a lot of adhesions from a previous surgery and his colon was adhered to the stomach wall. hence this took an hour to fix before they could start on the prostrate surgery. He was released from the hospital late on 6-29-12.. Early Saturday morning I had to call the on-call Urologist who told me to take him to the ER.. after about 5 hours they sent him home… within a few hours of arriving home his condition deteriorated and we were back at the ER around 8-30pm Sat night..He was connected to a monitor which showed his heart rate was at 166 beats per minute..Next thing I know its like a scene from a TV ,, ER show..his bed was surrounded by several people sticking him with IV;s taking blood e…

Update on Chappy

Here is the latest news..His surgery for the prostrate cancer will be June 28th at 7-30am.Initially this was going to be done by the VA but they were dragging their heels. I wrote to the Urologist here in town, complaining about the high costs and that had we been living in Australia we would’nt even be having this conversation.To cut a long story short, the Office manager from the Urologist called to say the doctor will do the surgery by Robotical instruments and waiver his fee above what our insurance wont pay..This was a big load off of our minds.. On June 8th he has an angiogram, where they are going to go from the right groin all the way to his brain, to check on an abnormality there..So now we can see a light at the end of what has been a very big dark tunnel..…

Once again many thank

Hubby Update

First off I want to thank everyone for their kind words, thoughts and prayers..We finally got the results of all the final tests..He has an aggressive form of prostrate cancer, but thankfully it has not spread anywhere else.Right now we are still in some kind of fog, from which we hope to emerge from very soon..Right now we are having discussions weighing up pros and cons of the 2 treatment offers that we/he must decide on..We have a week to make a choice, as ideally the surgery if we go that way, needs to be done by the end of May..other option is 5 days a week for 15 minutes for 8 weeks of radiation. There are so many things to consider..but we are very hopeful for a great outcome.…

Once again many thanks to everyone who has sent messages with good thoughts..He has a great positive att

Thankyou everyone

Many thanks to everyone who has sent good wishes for my husbands quick recovery..I feel the outcome will go well but right now, its all too new and very scary.
Tomorrow he has a bone scan..Monday a Cat scan of chest, abdomen and pelvic area.. then we see the doctor Friday for the results of the tests and plan a course of action.…

What a wonderful group of people here on RB,, reaching out to someone they really dont know in person..Its very heart warming for us both.

Im responding with a heart felt thankyou via this Journal as its easier for me to do it this way. I hope you understand.

Special thanks to..

Jennifer Hulbert- Hortman
Denise Abe
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Lois Bryan
Angie Davies
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Vickie Ems
Monica Scanlan
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Will be absent off and on

My hubby was diagnosed with a brain tumor a month ago, which we feel is probably benign according to the stats on this type of tumor but still a big concern..Yesterday he was diagnosed with prostrate cancer.. We are still in shock over that..I plan not to be on RB too often as I usually am.. but will pop in once in awhile. to check on the groups I host and finalise a few challenges I have running..Some of you may know my hubby he is a fellow RB’er ..his name on here is Chappy..I will miss seeing all the beautiful works and seeing my friends on a regular basis. But right now he needs me more.He has to have a few more tests including a bone scan, before we know which path this is taking us.

100,000 + views

Woo Hoo over the last few days I reached over 100,000 views.. 103,370 to be exact..Many thanks to everyone who has taken the time to view my work…


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