Photographers' Legal Issues

RBer yevad98 has brought up a point in his journal about the legalities of painting/photographing public figures. It the light of model releases, this goes beyond public figures. My friend/RBer seaglass51 had a neighbor who found a greeting card with their daughter’s very unphotogenic picture of her picking her nose. They sued the card company and photographer because they did not have permission to use her image and profit from it. In other words, the photographer took the picture and did not obtain a model release. There are cases too where a photographer should get a property release.

I think there are a lot of RedBubblers out there who need to take care with their sales; you could be open to a lawsuit. This is a big reason that I don’t sell my work. Kudos to those who have taken the time to learn a little of the business first before jumping in; they’re the ones who include the claim of releases and copywrite.

One of the authors in the guides/books that I recommend in a previous journal entry addresses this issue. Bert Krages in a photographer AND attorney in Portland, Oregon. He has written “Legal Handbook for Photographers”; and has a helpful website

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