Pieces of Me....

so…the lovely MOS has given us a challenge for a HP layout ( Over at the Forum ) – using art from various artists on RB which depicts our own character, etc… and to give descriptions/explanations why….. and given i’m a rather private person – it was a challenge on a personal level.. but again a pleasure to search the brilliant art work here!! ♥

….so here goes…

Family – The cycle – i’m just in awe and always will be…and forever grateful for the love and bonds…

My Small Circle of Real Friends – Priceless – who are standing right there beside me… thru the laughter and tears…the famine and feast – no words can describe my gratitude –

The beauty of nature continually lifts my spirit – it’s a spiritual thang!

I have a long distance love affair with the streets of Paris

I’ve been a loner for as long as i can remember – have raised both my kids alone – and sometimes i get tired and turn my back to the world – sometimes

Music is in my very soul – and has helped me find solace and energy and peace – i owe it so much

The sense of the ridiculous – the ability to laugh, esp with family/friends (and a lot centred on my own stupidity) – my most valued idiosyncrasy!!

I just couldn’t live without my animals… not possible… i’d shrivel and die

This is where i’m from and where i’m going – symbolic on many levels for me

I love walking thru beautiful places in the rain (don’t mind in the least my clothes or hair getting wet – my skin has to stay dry tho!)

I’m constantly confused with time, motion and direction – in every aspect – and am chronically late as a result

I love and value silence –

I’m a romantic fool at heart…and can still remember…♥

My spirit dances within – most days with a passion – buoyed by the most simplest things

My beautiful city of Sydney – my home – which i’ll love forever

well I try – sporadially :-)

Sometimes life crowds in on me… and it all feels too much

I have two ‘minor’ phobias – which i’ve managed to disguise all my life but which have made daily life and work challenging – actually making a phone call and/or answering it unless it’s someone i am VERY comfortable with – and the sensation of water on my skin!!!

Injured/helpless/suffering animals – i melt

I miss my friend

To new beginnings – of friendships and experiences – i’m always filled with hope and a quiet excitement!! (despite my well guarded and receding exterior at times)

I could drown in the visual beauty of nature at times

Despite a rather dysfunctional, sometimes cruel and physically frightening upbringing – i had the best times breaking free with my younger siblings

Occasionally i acknowledge that beneath the workhorse – i’m a woman! – very occasionally – LOL

…so – with special thanks to the awesome talent found around here – some pieces of me

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