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i currently own a Nikon D3100 – which is slowly coming off auto as i discover the workings of the camera bit by bit!

…my father was a wonderful photographer (winning many state and local awards) and my siblings and I grew up always with a light meter thrust in our face on any given occasion – or being told to run down a hill FIFTY TIMES until he got the “right” shot!

….I, on the other hand, am by NO means a photographer…but grew up learning what worked and didn’t work in a photo (and great debate over why it did or didn’t work) – and i just enjoy the whole creative process of photography… from first seeing the “image”, to capturing it (many times) – thru to presenting the final pic…(and loving the digital age)

At no stage could i ever contemplate doing any “paid” photography, as that would take all the spontaneity, spark and passion out of photography for me as I like to creatively ramble and meander through subjects at my own “granny pace”…or sit and capture human behaviour as it passes by – however if it were to become ‘a job’, well, for me, job=boundaries with accompanying pressure, and pressure quashes creativity, and i’ve come to realise that lack of creativity stifles my artistic expression, an outlet which almost seems quite spiritual at times, and also quite therapeutic and which I think, in turn, keeps me mentally ‘balanced’ – (well, as ‘balanced’ as is genetically possible!! heh) …oh FFS i DO crap on!

I LOVE PHOTOGRAPHY AND THE FREEDOM TO PHOTOGRAPH AT MY basically what i’m trying to blurt out!!!! ( – i have not the slightest fibre in my being “qualified” for photography – except that, from the heart, i truly love to observe and document life and I’m so happy that i still have the opportunity to do so with such freedom of movement!)

I’ve been on DeviantArt since 2002 but basically have put everything but my DD’s (and a few recent pics) in storage there to jump ship to aussie-based (and less emo) Red Bubble! Yes, i’m getting OLD! -


So,phew.. thanks for dropping by…

…and even tho i’m chronologically old, the child within dances strong!!!! …a little too strong some days

My Pieces of Me Journal

My Introductory Journal to Red Bubble – 50 Things

…and i’m very proud to see the awesome talents of my creative offspring floating around Red Bubble now…

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You Know You're Aussie if...

Heading into 2010 Australia Day festivities…I wish all you(s) Aussies out there a safe and relaxing break…and thought i’d re-post this internet list from Aussie Day last year (actually i combined a couple of lists i found into this one) ♥ / You know you’re Australian if … / * You know the meaning of the word ‘girt’. / * You believe that stubbies can be …
Posted almost 9 years – 30 comments

Pieces of Me....

so…the lovely MOS has given us a challenge for a HP layout ( Over at the Forum ) – using art from various artists on RB which depicts our own character, etc… and to give descriptions/explanations why….. and given i’m a rather private person – it was a challenge on a personal level.. but again a pleasure to search the brilliant art work here!! ♥ / ….so he…
Posted almost 9 years – 13 comments beautiful!

I just have to share this clip with anyone who drops by… quite possibly the most creative talent at play i have ever witnessed! / Link / a-m / x / ♥
Posted about 9 years – 5 comments

What the Duck!

I’ve been a HUGE fan of What the Duck for some years now! / …the little duck photographer with BIG attitude!! / Some of their merch… / ♥
Posted over 9 years – 5 comments

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