for this week i
i have ten features.
four top ten in challenges and one win.
i not sure even were to start
but here it goes

my first challenge i won was in the group women photographer
challege Costumes.. i won it with my image Zorba

The three top ten
Ocean waves Rodeo beach
Calif sound group water world challenge
and southwest group California challenge

In First things group

peace challenge
Bench with a view

all about love challenge

Priority Challenge
Flower Holder From the Tents of Hope

Features for the week..
Old Ross post office
in bubble jepardy group

window purpective
Freedom in words group

Window of Deseption
Reflection in building group

City Hall and Police Station
Mature woman

Door of Reflection
Mature woman group

Shifting Sand of the Ocean
Sea group

Old Medcine and ink Bottles
First things group

Baby Mallard Ducks
First Thing group

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