what in the world

This paper will totally change your view of the world.

In my view of the world I see gang fights, drugs, rapes, killings, thieves, adultery, prostitutes, and a lot of other things. Before I was in church I saw the world as the greatest thing but that was before I saw all of the things mentioned above. Even though I can’t speak words of encouragement to everyone in the world I’ve found a way to help.

At school I found myself trying to fit in with the cooler kids and I learned that the only thing that made them cool was by cursing, talking back to teachers, Dancing in ungodly ways, having sex, smoking, and a lot of other things. But I never thought of it like I do now. A lot of times I found myself being talked to by a couple of people about the way that I was acting, cursing when I’m not around my parents, having an attitude for no apparent reason, and a lot of things. All the while they were telling me that I can be something, accomplish something, and just be myself set an example for others and have them follow me. But I still do it not knowing why. In my heart and the hearts of others we think and believe that no one can tell us or make us do anything but that where our thoughts go wrong we want no other way than ours. I know that everyone everywhere knows how to gossip and I believe that, that’s how most arguments, fights, divorces, and a lot of other things happen. I justly accept as true that the reason kids are the ways they are because the parents don’t care where their kids go don’t care what they do or how they do it. Most kids are also rebellious toward their parents because their parents are single and have absolutely no control over them. A lot of friends influence the way most kids act telling them “you can do what you want how you want and when you want” but to tell you the truth I would say the same thing but that was before I opened up my ears to listen to what my parents and others had to say about me and the way that I was acting. I know now that It Aint Right!!! Now I can view it more different and I see it more clearly and I know better and I was taught better. And if I never learn anything else I’ve learned that Jesus plus education equal success and it’s true. I always believed that I can leave a mark of love, encouragement, and truth inside of some one’s heart. I love when people tell me that I am mature for my age that way I know that I’m being raised right and by the right parents and the right way. I Love getting loved and if other kids were raised the way that I was they would be able to answer this one question “are you a bad child? And their response should be “No but I’m not perfect either” no child’s answer should be just a plain “No” because that would give others the wrong idea and that’s not what you want. I want younger kids to want to follow in my foot steps but in order I have to make the right decisions and make the prints small enough for them to step in without getting deeper and deeper into trouble. There have been many of times where I disliked having siblings only because they where all up under me and whenever I did something wrong they were there and they did the exact same thing and I felt bad and that was only because I got in trouble for it. Even now I feel like their in my way but now I understand why and I don’t mind it.

I now know that most of the actions of the adolescent world depend on what they were taught by their parents which by their actions show nothing. I don’t think that we can learn if we are not taught and what we are taught determine our future and success. I know that all parents have different methods of teaching and if the teaching is not the right way or thing then the child won’t be anything. Every time I got into trouble and was punished I kept on thinking I would never raise my child that way, the wont get spankings but now I understand why I was treated the way that I was. I acted like I was a 5 year so I was treated like one. Some times I wonder what kind of world would it be without adults and I really can’t explain it but its worse than what it is now.

Assume that you were born to parents who had the idea that children should learn by themselves, without any help from anyone. Assume that you have to figure out and learn everything without any help from anyone. Your parents would not teach you.

No one would warn you, “Don’t touch the stove, it will hurt you.” “Don’t play in the street, a car could run over you and hurt you.” “Don’t run up to a strange dog and hug it, it might bite you.”
No one would teach you how to button buttons, or tie your shoes.
If you somehow managed to survive to age five, your parents would not send you to school. You would have no teachers, no books, no classrooms, no lessons, and no schools. No one would teach you the alphabet, or to read and write. No one would teach you arithmetic, or how to read a ruler. No one would teach you about money, or investing. You would have to learn everything by figuring it out for yourself, if you were able to! And if you don’t know how to read, that would be difficult

If the world and all the parents were focused on the way kids acted then there would be no gang fights, drugs, rapes, killings, thieves, adultery, prostitutes, and a lot of other things. I look on TV some times and there’s missing child, some one that they were looking for was found but they were dead. On a lot of TV shows I hear them say if I could take it back I would, if I could change it I would, I wish it had never happened, I’m sorry, it won’t happen again. I think that we only use the sayings as excuses to get out of things and it really shouldn’t be that way in the first place. If that was the case then the words good job, great, excellent, you did it, I love you, I have the best child in the whole world would never be said to anyone at anytime. I can’t imagine living life without knowing if what I am doing is right of wrong and I pray that it won’t have to be that way. Out of 9years of school and at least 200 friends I’ve only heard at least 49 of them say pray and that shows that they have the right kind of teaching, and their parents are focused on their child and their future. I can imagine every child in the world being happy, safe, and successful with having to worry about what if this and what if that there would only be love, peace, happiness, and joy but that would only happen in a fairytale world.

I have heard about a lot of adolescent pregnancies and I think that it is very sad. I think that it’s a shame that we can’t enjoy our childhood because we have to take care of our children. I now understand that adolescent mothers are more likely to experience unemployment and poverty as an adult, and to be financially dependent on government welfare programs. Further, adolescent mothers are often relegated to lower-paying and less skilled occupations resulting in lower overall lifetime earnings.

It used to be that sex before marriage was unheard of. However, more and more teens are having sex younger and younger. Now it seems if you haven’t had sex by 12 or 13 then you’re not “cool”. At such a young age, are teens really ready for sex? The answer is no, so why do they do it. Although many adolescents lose their virginity at an early age, there is a difference between having intercourse once and being sexually active on a regular basis. Often times, adolescents have had sex, but only one time. One of the main problems with adolescent sex, and even sex in general, is all the risks and consequences that go along with it. For girls, pregnancy is always an issue. The number of single teen moms is increasing dramatically because of the lack of proper contraceptive use. No matter how much you stress the concept of birth control, teens still have unprotected sex. There are several methods of birth control that could be used. Condoms and the birth control pill are probably the two easiest methods to use. Some will be lucky and others will learn the hard way when they become pregnant or contract a disease. It would be nice to think that adolescents could change their sexual behavior; however I don’t see that happening anytime soon. Sex plays a huge role in society, and adolescence, and it is an issue that all parents have to step up and deal with.

With the way our culture is nowadays with both parents on the run, and not enough interaction between parents and children. Children end up learning from there friends and what they see on TV. They just do not know what is right and what is wrong. When I see this I can’t help but feel sad, as it is a reminder that this is the world we live in. Now if we look at TV…Think about all the bad things a child would see on TV. Now look at all the good things a child would see on TV. The bad, in my opinion far out ways the good. As a result of all this children begin to grow up too fast and then you have 11 year old girls dressing up like 22 year old women. I see 7th graders at my school already wearing tight jeans or short shorts that show half their butt. They also wear short shirts and sometimes almost no shirt at all. I look at the grade school and some of the elementary school kids are wearing skimpy cloths too. I don’t think they should be allowed to dress like that till they are 18 years of age. They are inviting predators that live in all neighborhoods to prey on them.

If your child always wears the same two colors, He’s never without a hat, tilted to one side, and last week he came home with a tattoo of strange symbols that he refuses to explain. His friends are more important to him than anything else, and he often uses mysterious hand signals to communicate with them. Your child may be acting like a typical adolescent, but his behavior also could signify involvement with a gang either as a hard-core member, a part-timer who hangs on the fringe of the group or a “wanna -be” who wants to become a gang member. This is especially true in middle and lower-class communities where the `stigma’ of gangs or school crimes is not something the community wants.” Kids join gangs for a variety of reasons, ranging from peer pressure to excitement and status. Experts say children think gangs are glamorous because music videos, movies and advertisements portray them that way. The images communicated through Hollywood regarding gangs, regardless of their stated pro-social intentions, consistently serve as a symbol power and violence

It may seem like everybody’s is having sex, but in reality, not everyone is. Many young people choose self-discipline. You can still have a boyfriend or girlfriend and not have sexual intercourse, but instead do other things(like spending time and getting to know each other and preparing for marriage)and save intercourse for marriage. Sex is only one part of a relationship. Love, Respect, friendship and commitment are the most important parts of a relationship or marriage.But be careful of who you are trying to be and be who your parents is raising you to be, that is from a adolescent to a responsible adult. If you are not careful you are a candidate for older and perverted men.There are a lot of reasons why older men prey on adolescent girls most of them have to deal with the way they dress and act. I believe it’s a shame before their parents and their family. Actually, the 11 year olds aren’t dressed in what I call “grown woman” clothes. Real women don’t dress like "hoochie mamas, but they wear mature and descent clothes, and don’t wear low cut and see through clothes and definitely do not show their cleavage. Rather, these elementary and middle school girls are dressing like college students on their way to a night club or a bar. Real mature women wear descent and modest clothes. I do not think the problem is with the adolescent girls wanting to look older. I think the problem is that along the way, parents have stopped saying no to the adolescents and allowing adolescents to have say in matters that parents would never have allowed kids to decide.

Parents need to be parents, not friends. They need to tell their children no even if all the other kids get to do whatever they want. The crop tops, the visible bra straps, the low-slung jeans that make up today’s fashions for girls are everywhere. The discomfort we feel when we look at these clothes isn’t just the result of our age. Fashion today really is all about sex.
If you’re not convinced, consider the images our adolescent girls face every day. Candies, a popular teen clothing and shoe label, are currently running an abstinence campaign. It’s promoted by the sale of T-shirts—teeny, tiny, belly-revealing, breast hugging T-shirts that read “Be SEXY: It doesn’t mean you have to have sex.” The “virginal” Britney Spears pairs an attitude of coy purity with revealing costumes. She teaches girls how to tease and tempt with their bodies, even as they play sweet and pure with their words.
It can be a shocking moment to hear your own, sweet, innocent child lacing her conversation with a few select swears words, especially if you were under the impression that this language couldn’t possibly be a part of her vocabulary. But as we know, children are like sponges, meaning they’ll pick up all sorts of phrases if they hear them, which is why so many children use their first swear word when they’re still very young.

Should you listen to people take God’s name in vain on TV, in movies, or in music? That depends on two things. One thing is the rest of the content in that movie or CD helpful in any way? Paul wrote that we should use helpfulness as a standard for choosing what’s acceptable—and what’s not (1 Corinthians 6:12). In other words, if the rest of the movie or song is helpful or edifying, it may be possible for you to overlook a few bad words.
And two, ask yourself whether hearing those words makes you more likely to use or think unwholesome words. In that case, you don’t need it. David’s prayer in Psalm 19:14 should be ours, too: “May the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be pleasing in your sight, O Lord, my Rock and my Redeemer.”
An example of TV using foul language is the Simpson’s.
They’re hilarious, but sometimes they put Christians down. Is it wrong to watch this show if it doesn’t affect me in negative ways?
After 14 years, The Simpson’s is still one of the most popular and funniest shows on TV. It’s also one of the few about a family that regularly goes to church together. Of course, that doesn’t make the show a Christian comedy. It addresses issues of religion regularly sometimes with respect, but usually with a mocking tone. In fact, The Simpson’s seems to find ways to laugh at every kind of religion, belief and lifestyle. The show’s creators certainly aren’t just picking on Christians.
When it comes to Christianity, the message of The Simpson’s has been mixed. Of course, Ned Flanders and his boys are made to look ridiculous for their fundamentalist Christian faith. But we’ve also seen Ned keep his faith through hard times, and he is consistently kind and loving to the people of Springfield. Meanwhile, Homer and his family have been everything from discourteous to painfully mocking when it comes to God.
It’s great that the show is willing to deal with issues of faith. It seems that the writers are being honest with their questions and criticisms of Christianity. On the other hand, who wants to see their Lord mocked by cartoon characters?
Whether you should watch it or not is between you, your parents and God. If you do watch, realize that the show’s attitude toward Christianity represents the thinking of some people in your neighborhood or at school. Let it remind you to ask God to help others to consistently see Christ in you.
Christ knows your heart and can see all things so any things that you think is in the dark will on day come into the light and all of you faults will be revealed. I have had a lot of things put in the dark that I didn’t want any one to know but after I had so much built up inside of me I had to let it all go because sometimes all of the things that you keep in your heart become anger. So never keep it in. And remember that Jesus loves you. And no matter what you do it is never too late to come home, he’s waiting at the door ready to receive your hand in marriage. It’s wonderful to be married to God.
It is sad to live life day by day never knowing when or where danger is going to strike next, is a horrible way to live. Not knowing if you are in the wrong place at the wrong time. Not knowing that somethings that you do are wrong.

TEEN PREGNANCYTeen girls are faced with so many challenges in everyday life. We have so many decisions and choices to make will affect the rest of our lives. Smoking, drinking, boys, grades, parents, friends, peer pressure…just to name a few. I think that these problems relate to teen pregnancy because all a teenage girl wants to do is to fit in and be accepted by her peers. Unfortunately, I think that some girls are so stuck on this idea of belonging that they will go any distance to fulfill it – including having sex. I hope that girls would look for another way to get involved instead of becoming pregnant.1

The thing that troubles girls most today is that they’re not looked at as ‘perfect’ unless they have a decent body.2
Some girls today don’t have stable lives. Also, girls today have low self-esteem and guys know this and take advantage of these girls, saying things like ‘I love you. If you love me, blah blah blah…’ These girls think that someone finally likes them and give in. Then they come out pregnant and ruin their lives because the guy doesn’t stick around.3
I believe that the media’s portrayal of the way women and teens should look is one of the largest struggles that we face. If you don’t look like the girls in the media, then you’re seen as out of place and ‘strange.’4
I think girls today are faced with lot of peer pressure, and they want so bad to fit in that they’ll do anything. I think that if we teach our kids that it’s alright not to do what everybody else think is cool and that they don’t need to do this stuff just to be popular, it might help ease the problem a little bit.5
Women have to be strong because men aren’t strong. We have to have condoms. That way if he says ‘I don’t have any,’ you can say ‘That is all right, here’s mine.’


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