Right Here

She had seen him walking by. She had seen him walking by a hundred times. But she never bothered to talk to him. After they had passed each other, she would turn around to glance at him, and occasionally he would drop something and she would get to see his beautiful face. But she could never work up the courage to talk to him. Until the day he dropped his guitar; right in front of her. She had bent down to help him retrieve his item. They both had reached at the exact same moment and when their hands collided, they looked into each others eyes, and from that second on, they had become inseparable.

Aimee was a smart girl. She had always done good in school. She was a small town girl from Boston, and she had received decent grades that made her father content with the way she was. But he was dead now. Lung cancer took him from her when she was 12. She never has, and never will meet her mother, because she had walked out on Aimee and her father , gotten drunk, and was killed in a car accident on the way home from a party in Cleveland, Ohio. After Aimee’s father passed, her only relatives were her aunt and uncle in Denver, Colorado. So Aimee had moved in with them and was settled with friends and a new life by the time she was almost 14 years old. She had worked hard in school. She went to college at Columbia University to become a professional Journalist. She relocated to New York when she had graduated, and on the streets of New York City is where she spotted him.

Jason was a troublemaker. Always getting into affairs that weren’t any of his business. It had gotten him beat up time and time again. Jason was originally from Austin, Texas. But when his parents split, they both decided to move to Hartford, Connecticut so that Jason would be able to have ample time with both of them. As a young teen, Jason was influenced by others to become a drug addict. He had used drugs over and over again to get rid of the problems he faced with school and his parents. He had always wanted to stop, but the peer pressure kept circulating around him like an animal hunting its prey. Jason’s father never got over the fact that Jason’s mother, his ex-wife, divorced him and re-married. So his father took all of his anger out on Jason. There were numerous times when Jason was in the hospital because of his father. On many occasions, Jason’s father would come home from drinking with his friends, wasted, and angry. He would lock Jason in the closet for days causing him to miss school and receive poor grades. Despite all the times he had missed school, Jason always seemed to pass. He was smart, and everyone knew it. And when Jason was 16 years old, he emancipated himself and went to live with a friend until he finished school and could get himself to college. Jasons musical career started when he had become addicted to drugs. His guitar had been his anti-drug, and he would keep himself busy with it, so that he would have an excuse not to be into drugs anymore. He started touring to little towns, playing at nightclubs and bars, and eventually found himself in New York City staring into the eyes of Aimee.

The two of them, Jason and Aimee, started out slowly, with late night conversations on the phone. Soon, they became an inseparable chemical held down by romance. They were together every second they could be, and she moved in with him after the first month of the relationship had passed. Every morning, Jason would wake Aimee up on their monthly anniversary upon becoming together, with a soft kiss on the forehead and a rose. On the first month she had received one rose. But on the second she had received two more. So on and so forth, until finally a year had passed and Jason had bought her 11 real roses and 1 fake rose. He had told her this, and she had become upset that Jason would buy her a fake rose. But her sadness soon passed when he said to her, “Aimee, I will love you until all of these roses die”. With Aimee having one fake rose, she knew it would never die, just as their love would never die.

Two more wonderful years had passed, and they both felt as if they should be married. But Aimee hadn’t received a ring, nor had she picked up any signals from Jason that he was going to propose. They were both walking down the street on August 14, hand in hand on the way to work, when a man talking on his cell phone bumped into Aimee and caused her to drop her purse with all of her items in it. When Aimee had looked up, she was facing Times Square’s biggest television screen and on it were the words, “Aimee, would you marry me ? – Jason”. She turned to Jason and found herself face to face with a jewelry box containing one solid gold ring, emeralds lining the outside of the ring, and two diamonds in it. Jason had explained that the solid gold ring had represented the firmness of their relationship, the never ending circle of Emeralds represented how they would be together forever, and the two diamonds next to each other represented the way that the two of them, Jason and Aimee, as well as the diamonds could never be separated by anything.

Their engagement wasn’t an extremely long one, but it wasn’t quick either. 6 months from the day that Jason had proposed they would be married. February 14, 2013. Valentine’s Day. She loved Jason an incredible amount, and she could never find the words to explain that to him, and she knew he felt the exact same way. She had dreamed of getting married and it was finally here! She had called all of her friends and co-workers and living family members the day Jason proposed to her. Everyone was ecstatic that she was getting married. EVERYONE except Jason’s father. Jasons father hated Aimee with all of his soul and heart combined. He had said, “Boy! That girl is gonna be trouble. You better watch yourself, or you might find yourself falling victim to her.”

And so it had happened. Aimee had been walking through the mall during her lunch break. Shopping for new clothes and humming silently to herself because she was so happy. Who wouldn’t be as happy as Aimee? She was getting married to the man of her dreams! They were only 2 weeks away from the ceremony. But what Aimee saw that day, changed her life for good. She had been walking into the Macy’s entrance from the mall to get to her car so that she could return to work. She had seen a cute couple near a corner by the Macy’s entrance and she thought to herself, “I have that. An undying love for the person I’m with”. The two looked as if they were fighting. He was tall, broad shoulders, and jet black hair. The woman with him had looked familiar. She was tall and lanky, with almost no body fat attached to her, and she had brown mousy hair with big brown eyes. She seemed upset over something the man she was with had said. The man pointed to his right hand ring finger and said something else to the girl. She then in turn, had jumped up and kissed him. He had gently pushed her off and turned around hoping nobody had witnessed what had happened. And that’s when Aimee’s heart stopped.

Jason had been getting calls from his high school sweetheart back in Hartford, Connecticut. She was harassing him, telling him to leave his fiance, making him believe she had loved him and hadn’t dumped him for his best friend. She had said she was insecure at the time, blinded by her love for him, she had taken him for granted. She presented to Jason, every line under the sun to get him back with her. And he hadn’t believed it. She told him to meet her in the mall and his actions that day would tell her everything she needed to know so that she could comprehend what Jason was really feeling. She had planned on him returning to her, but what she got from him, was exactly what she had given him years ago in their senior year of high school. Jason explained to her that he was getting married in 2 weeks to the love of his life. He had even pointed to his finger to show that his fiance had a ring, as well as his heart. She jumped up and kissed him, and that was the wrong move to make. He had intended to push her off hard enough to make her really understand what was going on. But her grip tightened as he moved his hand to push her off. When Jason turned around to go home, he saw Aimee staring at the two of them.

Tears had welled up in Aimee’s eyes, and she knew Jason was too good to have been true to her. When Jason saw the look on her face, he just couldn’t forgive himself. Aimee started running clear across the mall and around the parking structure to her car with Jason following her every step of the way. he was calling her name continuously, and with each passing moment he had called to her, Aimee had become more and more heartbroken at the thought of what he did to her. She slid into her car and cried for what seemed like an eternity, when in reality, it was only a few minutes. Jason arrived at her car door begging and pleading with her. He was mumbling words that Aimee had refused to listen to. How could he think that just by apologizing and putting on another charade would make her listen to the words of a betrayer?

Aimee quickly and hesitantly pulled out of her spot, and nearly ran Jason over with her car as she sped to get home. She took the long route so that she could clear her head and think, but as she pulled into the driveway, she knew Jason had taken the shorter way home, cutting through alleys and driveways to get home a split second after she had gotten there herself. Aimee ran into the house and flew into their bedroom. Jason was a second behind her and as soon as Aimee had ran into the room, she slammed the door and locked it before the man who she gave her heart to had a chance to get into the room with her. She heard banging and noises sounding like sobs and cries from Jason as he tried to force his way into the room to explain to her. She packed her belongings, and before Aimee climbed out the window she saw her hand with the ring on it, and she stared for a good long minute at the broken promise. She threw the ring onto the floor near the window, and took a glance around the room to see if she forgot anything. She spotted the fake rose from their one year anniversary. She opened the window and before she jumped out, she realized that the noises were suppressed to an awful quietness. She threw her bag out, and it sounded like a firework had gone off in the hallway. Jason was hitting the door with something more than his fists. Scared, Aimee climbed out the window and ran to her car. She pulled out of their driveway, and had half expected Jason to follow, but he was no where in sight.

Aimee arrived in Denver, Colorado to her best friend Andrew’s house two nights later. She had driven straight from New York without stopping, and without crying. But as soon as she went into Andrew’s arms to be welcomed, she had broken down crying. She just finished her story and had been embraced in Andrew’s arms for a long hug, when there was a pound coming from the front of the house, and then the front door broke down and in the doorway was Jason staring at Aimee with bloodshot eyes at the sight of her hugging Andrew.

“So this is why you left me?! To come back to this hole and be with him? Who is this Aimee? Do you take me for a fool? You condemn me for meeting with Alyssa at the mall so that I could tell her that we were getting married and I would have absolutely nothing to do with her as long as you and I were together! But now you’re going to get all hypocritical on me and be in the arms of another man when I come to get you and bring you home?” Jason yelled at her for the first time ever. Jason stormed into the room, as Andrew and Aimee both stood up to explain. Andrew had gotten the words “But we’re just …” when his face was knocked into the floor by Jason’s fists. Aimee was crying and screaming at him saying, “Jason! Andrew and I are best friends. We have been since I was 12. I left you in New York seeking a place to stay while I tried to figure out what I saw at the mall!” Jason was in a rage. He heard what she said, but it didn’t register in his mind. He stormed back out to the car and took off.

Aimee ran out of the house to try and stop him, and that’s when the heavy rain pour started. As his car faded into the dark sky, she thought out loud, “Oh god, please, just give me a sign that he still loves me. Tell me that he misses me. Anything to show that he still may want what he left behind. Please just let me see his brake lights once, and I’ll be content.”

Jason sped down the road. Aimee was in his rearview. The look on her face burned into his mind. Permanent. Just like they were supposed to be. He thought about the encryption on that back of the wedding ring he bought her, “We Will Be Together Until The World Ceases To Exist”. He had been staring at her in his mirror until she was on the horizon line. For the few seconds he had stared at her, he missed seeing the freight truck barreling towards him, unable to stop. The shock. A flash. Seeing her in his rearview. Rolling. Glass flying everywhere. All of this happened while the truck had collided with Jason’s car.

Aimee saw her sign. The glow of Jason’s brake lights, But soon after she heard the collision. She broke out into a jolting run, and when arrived at the scene, she was almost sure that he was gone. She could imagine him somewhere. Sprawled onto the pavement, never knowing how truly in love with him, Aimee had been.

Aimee walked back to Andrew’s house and sat for a good hour listening to the rain, and not really hearing all the thoughts bouncing around in her head. She looked up for a moment and saw Andrew’s double barrel rifle perched on the wall. She had taken down the machine, and stared into it, unaware of a lingering presence in the doorway.

Jason opened up his eyes in time to see that he had a way out of the crushed car before he was killed. He had gotten lucky in the event that he wasn’t immediately killed in the collision. He stood up and saw Aimee walking away in the distance. He limped the entire way back to Andrew’s house, and it had taken him just over an hour. The rain was pouring down more than ever at that moment.

Jason opened up Andrew’s door, soaked to the bone, and saw Aimee staring into the eyes of a gun. He was scared to death, and for half a second he didn’t know what to do. She was in a trance. Unaware that she had kept him alive. He realized that the last thing he saw right before the accident was the vision of her in his rearview mirror, and he knew from that second on, that he could not, and would not lose her again. He slammed the door and broke her moment. She stared at him in disbelief and shock. As if she had seen a ghost. He limped to her, and took her into his arms. He whispered, nearly crying, “I made a commitment to you when I gave you this.” He presented her with the engagement ring, and the fake rose. “If I’m not mistaken, the fake rose is still in bloom. I hear it’s just starting it’s long process, just like you and I.” She smiled to herself and when she looked up at him, she said, “Jason, I know that these past couple days were…” He placed two fingers on her lips to stop her in mid-sentence. “Aimee, no matter what happens, you will always find a way to keep me right here waiting for you. As another promise to you that I intend to keep forever, if you had chosen to walk away again, like what happened recently, I just want you to know that I’d still be right here waiting for you, and I’ll always be right here.”

Right Here


Ocala, United States

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